Vol 56, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents


Educational Culture and Popular Culture: Case Study Festivals in Sai Gon South International School, Ho Chi Minh City PDF
Huyen Nguyen 1-12
Quick Test on Methanol in Petrol by Acid Chromotropic PDF
Dũng Nguyễn Tiến, Nga Trần Thị Thu, Loan Đoàn Thị Thúy 13-25
The Impact of Extrinsic Motivation on Employees’ Performance: A Case Study of Food Industries in Sindh, Pakistan PDF
Sumra Haleem Shaikh, Haseeb shaikh, Sumair Shaikh 26-37
Developing Smart City: Based on the Assessment of Smart Projects in Medium-Size Cities, Vietnam PDF
Khoa Hoang Viet Bach, Sung-Kyun Kim 38-49
Institutional Factors and Implementation of Strategic Plans in Program for Appropriate Technology in Health: A Case Study of Kisumu County, Kenya PDF
John Oketch Mireri, James Oringo 50-61
The Photovoltaic Performance of CdS/Cu2S (QD) Co-Sensitized Solar Cell PDF
A. Khalid, K. Easawi, S. Abdallah, M. G. El-Shaarawy, S. Negm, H. Talaat 62-73
Investigation of the Effect Different Antenna parameters (Height, Tilt, and Power) on Network Coverage and System Capacity PDF
Najim Abdallah, Hayam Alyasiri, Mohammed H. Ali, Adheed H. Saloom 74-85
Factors Influencing Team Performance in Software Development Projects PDF
S. M. Samarasinghe, S. S. U. Samarasinghe 86-103
Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea L., Origin from Bulgaria Indicate in Vitro Antitumor Еffect on Human Cervical and Breast Cancer Cells PDF
Svetla G. Angelova, Stefka Kr. Ivanova, Ivelina Trifonova, Silviya Voleva, Irina Georgieva, Asya Stoyanova, Ivayla Dincheva 104-112
Alternative Multiplying Triangular Fuzzy Number and Applied in Fully Fuzzy Linear System PDF
Zulya Desmita, Mashadi Mashadi 113-123
The Impact of Trade Liberalization on the Import Growth: Evidence from Four Recently Acceded Members of WTO PDF
Ethan Lemaitre 124-135
Energy Characterisation of Briquettes Produced from Admixture of Arundo donax L. and Coconut Coir PDF
Akpan S. Noah, Omolabake A. Okon-Akan, Julius K. Abiola 136-151
Ag2S/WO3 Composites with Full Spectrum Photocatalytic Activity PDF
Biao Zhang, HaiMing Zhang, LiJuan Wei 152-156
Design an Optimum Highway Route using Remote Sensing Data and GIS-Based Least Cost Path Model, Case of Minya-Ras Ghareb and Minya-Wahat-Bawiti Highway Routes, Egypt PDF
Abdallah Wahdan, Hala Effat, Nasser Abdallah, Khaled Elwan 157-181
Effect of Embedded Length on Laterally Loaded Capacity of Pile Foundation PDF
Omed Azeez, Rizgar Hummadi, Ahmed Hasan 182-192
Development of Better Time and Cost Plan by Integrating Information in a Construction Project PDF
Thet Thet Soe, Aye Mya Cho 193-206
Possibilities of Creating Net Zero Carbon Emissions Cultural Buildings: A Case Study of the Museum at Eleutherna, Crete, Greece PDF
John Vourdoubas 207-217
Analytical Analysis of Two - Dimensional Consolidation of Soil PDF
Ohioze Osemobor, Ebuka Nwankwo, Solomon Iyeke, Adedayo Aladenika 218-229