Development of Better Time and Cost Plan by Integrating Information in a Construction Project

  • Thet Thet Soe Thet Thet Soe, Department of Civil Engineering, Mandalay Technological University, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
  • Aye Mya Cho Aye Mya Cho, Professor in Department of Civil Engineering, Mandalay Technological University, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Keywords: Building Information Modelling, Scheduling, Time control, Cost control.


Commonly, there are no compactible and integrated models among architecture, structure and mechanical and electrical engineering yet before actual construction starts. As a consequence, many problems such as time and cost overruns, quality improvement, etc occur in almost every project. This study aims to reduce problems in construction mentioned by the aid of advanced technique BIM (Building Information Modelling). As a case study, commercial building construction in Mandalay is selected. Firstly, time and resource scheduling and cost estimations are done by using collected datas based on individual drawings from different designers such as architects, structure and M&E engineers. As a result, estimated construction time is about seven years and total construction cost is 58571 lakhs. As an alternative way, firstly, clashes due to inconsistencies among architectural, structural and M&E drawings are checked by using Revit software. Then, the coordination is done by using interference check. At the end of the check, the coordinated structure (structure with elements at right positions) is obtained and depicted in accordance with phases of construction. Then, time and resource scheduling are done by using Microsoft Project software based on the construction phases. As a result of Microsoft Project software, the estimated time is five years and construction cost is 54325 lakhs. So, estimated time and cost by applying BIM technique are 30% and 10% less than usual estimation respectively. This paper concludes that time and cost control can be best done with the aid of BIM technique.


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