Analytical Analysis of Two - Dimensional Consolidation of Soil

Ohioze Osemobor, Ebuka Nwankwo, Solomon Iyeke, Adedayo Aladenika


Consolidation is the gradual reduction in volume of a saturated soil due to drainage of some of the pore water, the process continuing until the excess pore water pressure set up by an increase in total stress has completely dissipated; the most common case is that of one dimensional consolidation. In reality, the Terzaghi’s 1-dimensional consolidation theory has been found to be highly conservative and at best only an estimation of the actual consolidation. Accurately predicting consolidation in soil has led to the development of 2-dimensional consolidation solutions. In this paper analytical solution (using the separation of variables method) have been provided for 2-dimensional consolidation equation.


Consolidation; Two-dimensional; Pore water pressure; Analytical method, Soil.

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