Quick Test on Methanol in Petrol by Acid Chromotropic

  • Dũng Nguyễn Tiến Major, PhD, Environmental Police Department, The People's Police Academy, Vietnam
  • Nga Trần Thị Thu Major, PhD, Environmental Police Department, The People's Police Academy, Vietnam
  • Loan Đoàn Thị Thúy Major, PhD, Environmental Police Department, The People's Police Academy, Vietnam
Keywords: Gasoline, petrol, chromotropic acid, methanol, gasoline octane, quick test.


According to calculations by Vietnam Institute of Economic Management, with the development and growth of domestic economy in the next 5 years, the total petroleum demand in the whole country from 2018 to 2022 reaches 6.5 million tons of petrol and 8.5 million tons of diesel oil, on average. Domestic production meets about 92% of A92 gasoline demand, and 82% of A95. An average of 0.8 million tons of petrol per year will be imported from countries into the region such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and China to Vietnam. Because A83, A92 gasoline is cheaper than A95, many traders mix methanol with the cheaper, to convert into A95 to increase gasoline octane, changing gasoline quality in Vietnam market [1,2,3]. The authors has successfully developed a reagent capable of detecting methanol in gasoline by the complexing reaction of formaldehyde with chromotropic acid for pinkish purple in acidic medium. By simple analysis, faster time and lower cost, This method helps the authorities to improve the gas quality management in Vietnam. This reseach assess the analytical procedures on determination of methanol in petrol and A92, A95 petrol by the reaction of formaldehyde with chromotropic acid complexes produce purple pink in an acid environment, give results: analytical methods simple, faster analysis time, cost saving. This method hepls to manage quality gasoline in VietNam [3,4].


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