Vol 55, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents


Rare Radicular form of Dens Invaginatus PDF
Vladimira Schwartzová, Peter Kizek, Harich Peter, Schwartzová Zuzana 1-10
The Relationship of Fractional Laplace Transform with Fractional Fourier, Mellin and Sumudu Transforms PDF
Maria Baloch, Saleem Iqbal, Farhana Sarwar, Abdul Rehman Abdul Rehman 11-16
Dynamics of Gully-Formation by Considering the Wave Motion of Flow PDF
Natishvili O.G., Gavardashvili G.V. 17-26
Module Definition for Drainage Runoffs Considering Climatic and Soil Conditions of the Kolkheti Lowland PDF
V. Sh. Shurghaia, E. M. Kechkhoshvili, Kh. L. Kiknadze, L. G. Kekelishvili 27-34
Comparative Effects of Bone Char and NPK Agricultural Fertilizers on Hydrocarbon Utilizing Bacteria and Fungi in Crude Oil Polluted Soil PDF
Ikiogha DB, Otaraku IJ, Momoh YL, Welcome MO 35-49
Mathematical Modelling of a Rotating Deformable Space Vehicle Lace Attitude Motions PDF
Saraka Jean Modeste Kouassi, Moussa Sylla 50-68
Effect of White Turmeric Rhizome Extract (Curcuma zedoaria) on Testis Histology of Male Wistar Rat PDF
Nicolas Xavier Ongko, Linda Chiuman, Chrismis Novalinda Ginting 69-74
5G Emerging Technology and Affected Industries: Quick Survey PDF
Saman Sarraf 75-82
Repellent Activity of Certain Plant Extracts (Clove, Coriander, Neem and Mint) Against Red Flour Beetle PDF
Abid Ramsha, Khan Aisha Saleem, Butt Saba 83-91
Characterization of Lateritic Banka Gravelous (West Cameroon) for Their Use in Road Geotechnical PDF
Keyangue Tchouata Jules Hermann, Gouafo Casimir, Katte Valentine Yato, Ngapgue François, Djambou-Tchiadjeu Cédric, Kamdjo Grégoire, Zoyem Gouafo Mathurin 92-103
Antioxidant and Inhibition of Elastase Effect of Scutellarein and Apigenin PDF
Leo Tjermin, I Nyoman Ehrich Lister, Ali Napiah Nasution, Ermi Girsang 104-110
Application of Robust Estimation Methods for Detecting and Removing Gross Errors from Close-Range Photogrammetric Data PDF
Khaled M. Zaky, Ashraf A. Ghonem 111-120
Planning Human Resources Management, Development and Training of Staff, and Their Impact on Organizational Performance, in the Iraq Oil Companies Sector PDF
Jawad Al-Frijawy, Constantin Militaru, Sergiu Tonoiu 121-138
Effects of Plastering and Ferrocement on the Shear Properties of Masonry Triplets PDF
Abdullah Al Hashib, Md Sayeed Faisal, Md. Aminur Rashid, Sayin Tamhid 139-161
Effect of Midazolam, Fentanyl & I.V Lidocaine to Decrease the Stress Response of Laryngoscopy& ETT Intubation PDF
Radhwan H. Alkhashab, Saad A. Hussein, Wajeda M. Othman 162-169
The Effect of Cognitive Behavior Stress Management Program on the Distress, Coping Skills, and the Social Support of Omani Women with Breast Cancer: A Pilot Study PDF
Nishat Shams, Mohammed Al-Azri 170-187
Assessment of Major Environmental Constraints of Riverside Cultivation in Omdurman (Sudan) by Use of Local Knowledge PDF
Elsir A. Salih, Neama A. Elias 188-203
A Comparative Study on the Characteristics of Road Traffic Accidents in China and Djibouti PDF
Waiss Ali Aden 204-225