A Comparative Study on the Characteristics of Road Traffic Accidents in China and Djibouti

  • Waiss Ali Aden School of Transportation and Logistics, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, China
Keywords: Road accidents, injuries, traffic violations, China, Djibouti.


The purpose of this study is to estimate the comparative analysis of road traffic accidents in China and Djibouti for the period of 2012-2016. Traffic violations that lead to mortalities and severe injuries and fatalities are analyzed both for China as well as Djibouti. The comparative analysis is very interesting for having different results against the set variables. This study caters two explained variables: traffic violations and severity of injuries with explanatory variables of considering the riskiness factors of humans, vehicles, roads and environments. In line with the previous study, logistic regression analysis is used for getting the casual relationship between the explained and explanatory variables to assess the status and nature of accidents and fatalities in these two countries. The data are taken from the respective police departments and World Health Organization safety. With current economic boom in China, the volume of vehicle and traffic accidents are considerably higher but subsequently in decreasing trend due to good management of traffic and better infrastructure while the case of Djibouti is reasonably at a very low ebb. Furthermore, in both of these two countries, road accidents are the major reasons for mortality. Some of the prominent risk factors contributing to roads accidents are  age, an experience of drivers, male drivers, lacking proper maintenance of vehicles for safety, the design of roads, roads status, low visibility during nights due to low or no lightening system and weather. Goods and passengers vehicles tend to commit more traffic offences in Djibouti which resultantly become a major cause of road accidents and hence more severe fatalities. The first factor contributing the traffic violation and imply more and severe injuries are a human factor which if this can be effectively managed then the mortality rate can be mitigated to a substantial level. The second risk factor related to complying with government traffic rules, laws and regulations targeting various kinds of vehicles, driver groups in terms of reducing human, vehicle and environmental risk factors.  Such measures may include road safety programs for drivers, focusing on traffic rules and improvement of transport facility. This study eventually guide the traffic policy maker of these two countries for formulating and deploying effective measures for mitigating the mortalities and severity of injuries due to road accidents.


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