Vol 53, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents


Possible Solutions of Water Pollution Control for Chindwin River and Major Lakes in Monywa PDF
Ei May Thu, Aye Aye Thant 1-10
Integrated Water Resources Management on the Southern Slope of the Bamboutos Mountains: Issues Related, Challenges and Prospects PDF
Zeugan Tchouamani Raoul, Kue Petou Malquaire Rokis, Hervé Tsafack 11-26
Performance Enhancement of TBAI Capped CdSe-Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells by an Interlayer Gold Nanoparticles PDF
M. Nabil, K. Easawi, T. Abdallah, S. Abdallah, M. K. Elmancy, S. Negm, H. Talaat 27-42
Antioxidant and Anti-elastase Activity of Seed and Peel Extract of P.edulis PDF
Krusty Vera, Ahmad Raif, Refi Ikhtiari 43-48
Detection on the Fertility of Hatching Eggs Based on Heart Rate Threshold PDF
Lei Geng, YuZhou Hu, JiangTao Xi, YanBei Liu 49-63
Prevalence of Fingerprint Patterns in Multiple and Single Births Women of Igbo-Ora, Nigeria, West Africa PDF
Thomas Kehinde Adenowo, Olugbenga Olawale Eweoya 64-74
The Effect of Seed Size and Burial Depth on the Germination, Growth and Yield of Sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) PDF
Tamadur Alkansaa M. Ahmed, Elnasri M. Mutwali, Elsir A. Salih 75-82
The Development of Performance Assessment Instrument Based on Scientific on Thematic Integrated Learning in Fourth Grade in Elementary School PDF
Minarni Minarni, Rochmiyati Rochmiyati, Irawan Suntoro, Darsono Darsono 83-96
Fetal and Maternal Risk Factors Associated With Birth Trauma PDF
Intisr A.Alghafoor, Ghusoon Saadoon.Hasan 97-104
A Literature Review in the Textile and Fashion Marketing Research PDF
Md. Maruf Sarker 105-111
Benefit-Cost Analysis for the Supply of Renewable Electric Energy in Zones Not Interconnected Case Study Miraflores Boyacá PDF
David Alejandro Barrera López, Sandra Elodia Ospina lozano 112-127
Machine Vision Detection Method for Surface Defects of Automobile Stamping Parts PDF
Lei Geng, YuXiang Wen, Fang Zhang, YanBei Liu 128-144
The Influence of Organizational Culture and Work Motivation toward Employee Performance at Lestari Raharja Hospital Magelang Indonesia PDF
Sulaefi Sulaefi 145-163
Real-time Fatigue Driving Recognition System Based on Deep Learning and Embedded Platform PDF
Lei Geng, ZhiQiang Hu, ZhiTao Xiao 164-175
Improvement Quality and Content of Pepper and Chilli Nitrates Influenced by the Effective Microorganisms PDF
Domenico Prisa 176-181
Study of Debris Generated by the Earthquake with Special Reference to Gurkha Earthquake 2015 in Nepal PDF
Humagain Abhimanyu, Dahal Khet Raj 182-206
Security Issues in Internet of Things: A Comprehensive Review PDF
Muhammad Fateh Khan Sial 207-214
Processing of East African Highland Green Bananas: Waste Generation and Characterization as a Potential Feedstock for Biogas Production in Uganda PDF
Robert Gumisiriza, Joseph Funa Hawumba, Apollo Simon Peter Balyeidhusa, Mackay Okure, Oliver Hensel 215-236