Vol 26, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Heating Residences Using Solar Power PDF
Rüştü Güntürkün, Şükrü Kitiş, Hasbi Apaydın, Canver Cumali Mazlum 1-7
Position Control of DC Servo Drive by Fuzzy Logic Controller in Flat-Bed Screen Printing Machine PDF
Thwin Thu Lynn, Eaint Eaint 8-19
Study Effect of Film Thickness of Articular Cartilage with Couple Stress Fluid on Performance Improvement of the Human Knee Joint PDF
Enas Yahya Abdulluh 20-38
Achieving Sustainable Mine Waste Management Practices through Capacity Building of Stakeholder Engagement the Case of the Zambian Minerals Industry PDF
Mwiya Songolo, Wilson S. Moono, Wilfred M. Mwenya 39-51
Comparative Genomics of Enterococcus Faecium Bacteriophages PDF
Ashwag Shami, Malcolm Horsburgh 69-90
Path Planning, Motion Control and Obstacle Detection of Indoor Mobile Robot PDF
Ali Khaleel Mahmood, Robert Bicker 91-107
Localization of Indoor Mobile Robot Using Monte Carlo Localization Algorithm (MCL) PDF
Ali Khaleel Mahmood, Robert Bicker 108-126
The Influence of Economic and Education Level into Cultural Integration of Macedonian Minority in Korça District PDF
Maria Dojçe 127-133
Experimental Evaluation of Thermal Cracking Characteristics of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Mixtures PDF
Namir G. Ahmed Alkawaaz, Halah A. Qasim Alaidarosi 134-144
Effect of CFRP Retrofitting on Seismic Vulnerability of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures in Pakistan PDF
Ghazanfar Ali Anwar, Jehanzaib Anwar, Pierre Darry Versaillot 145-158
Detection of Pus Sample of Various Pyogenic Infections from Diabetic and Non Diabetic Patient and Compare their Socioeconomic Status in Bangladesh PDF
Kaniz Fatema, Komol Mondol, Tanzina Akter, Suvomoy Datta 159-165
Factors Influencing District Health Information Software Version 2 Success – A Case of the Greater Bushenyi Districts, Uganda PDF
Hussein Muhaise, Dr. Annabella Habinka Ejiri 166-176
Qualitative Analysis of an Unreliable Hybrid Multicast Protocol (UHMP) PDF
Okonkwo Obikwelu Raphael, Anthony C. Achuenu 177-184
Hypothetico-deductive Thinking Model: Candidate Theory and Mechanism for Didactic Transposition and Teaching of the Experimental Sciences PDF
George N. Nditafon, Emmanuel Noumi, Solange Renée B. Nkeck, Lawrence N. Nchia 185-203
Feasibility of Photovoltaic–Fuel Cell Hybrid System to Meet Present Energy Demand PDF
Shah Mohazzem Hossain, Mohammad Naim Uddin, Khirul Alam Palash 204-212
Rotating Machinery Signal Analysis Method Based on EEMD and Spectrum Correction PDF
Han Xiaojun, Liu Xiaoyong, Rong Feng, Li Dechong 213-223
Dogs’ Shampoos for the Coat Care PDF
Ruta Budreckiene, Irmante Malinskaite, Marija Ivaskiene 224-229
Molecular Study of Urinary Tract Infection Bacteria and their Relationship to the Present of Oxalobacter formigenes in Stool of Kidney Stone Patients PDF
Munaff J. Abd Al-Abbas, Nooraldeen A. Jasim 230-249
A Technique for Classifying and Retrieving of Malware Detials in Signtures Based PDF
Salah Albermany 250-260
Improved Rotated Finite Difference Method for Solving Fractional Elliptic Partial Differential Equations PDF
Abdulkafi Mohammed Saeed 261-270
Prosthodontic using Rapid Prototyping PDF
Raja'a Albuha M. Al- Mussawi, Farzaneh Farid, Mohammed T. Alkhafagy, Farhad Shafiei 271-285
Gender Roles Discrimination in the Moroccan EFL Textbook Discourse PDF
Mohamed Jaafari 286-301
On Extensions of the Optical Optimization PDF
B. N. Tiwari, J. K. Kuipo, S. Bellucci, N. Marina 302-313