Position Control of DC Servo Drive by Fuzzy Logic Controller in Flat-Bed Screen Printing Machine


  • Thwin Thu Lynn Thwin Thu Lynn, No.11, Yangon and 11181, The Union of Myanmar
  • Eaint Eaint Eaint Thet Kyi Phyu, No.26, Yangon and 11181, The Union of Myanmar


DC servomotor, position control system, linear, FLC controller, MatLab, Flat-Bed Screen printing machine.


This paper presents the position control scheme of DC servo motor drive. The fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is developed for controlling the position of DC servo motor drive. The DC servo motors are highly preferred because of high power rating and speed of the motor. The proposed technique is a closed loop real time control scheme where the position control is obtained through position sensor, it is coupled with the motor shaft for provides a feedback position signal. The performances of the proposed fuzzy logic controller based DC servo motor drive at Flat-Bed Screen printing machine were investigated. The simulation model is demonstrated and outcomes illustrate that the FLC gives good dynamic performance and then it is preferably suited for industrial position control drive applications.   


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