Path Planning, Motion Control and Obstacle Detection of Indoor Mobile Robot


  • Ali Khaleel Mahmood Hay al-jamiaa, Baghdad 14001,Iraq
  • Robert Bicker Newcastle University, Address, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 7RU, UK


Kinematic, A* Algorithm, Odometry, Kinematic.


In this paper, A* path planning algorithm has been represented for a mobile robot to be able to follow a constructed path from its current position to a specified goal within its environment. To ensure that the mobile robot follow the constructed path by path planning algorithm, a motion control algorithm has been built. In the same time, to detect static obstacles and avoid collision with them, an obstacle detection algorithm has been used as a final algorithm that will be used as a part of the whole system to give the robot the ability to move from its initial known position to a specific goal in an optimum way. 


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