Vol 47, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


ASL Recognition Quality Analysis Based on Sensory Gloves and MLP Neural Network PDF
Firas A. Raheem, Hadeer A.Raheem 1-20
An Association of Prolactin Gene Polymorphisms with Some Milk Traits in Women PDF
Ahmed FA, Ayied AY, Awad NM 21-27
Design of GMSK Frequency Hopping Modulation Scheme Based on FPGA PDF
Lijun Ge, Xiaoying Li, Xiaoxiao Wang 28-38
Analysis of Skills Needs in Repair Welding of Low-Alloy, High Tensile Steels Using the Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW) Process PDF
Munkaila Alhassan A, Yussif Bashiru 39-54
The Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira volcanoes are two neighboring volcanoes located in the western part of the Virunga volcanic chain and have remained the only active volcanoes of this chain for several decades. The seismic activity at these two volcanoes was PDF
Pascal Matamba, Didier Namogo, Delphin Assani, Albert kyambikwa 55-65
The Influence of Compensation, Organization Commitment and Career Path to Job Performance Employees at Kardinah Hospital Tegal Indonesia PDF
Sulaefi Sulaefi 66-75
Assessment of Lead, Copper and Cadmium Tolerance by Four Vegetable Species PDF
Wassim Saadaoui, Khaoula Mokrani, Neji Tarchoun 76-87
Some Aspect Dealing with VLF.EM Field Measurements PDF
Mohammad Ibrahim Abdul-Razzak 88-102
HPM Approximations for Trajectories: From a Golf Ball Path to Mercury’s Orbit PDF
U. Filobello-Nino, V.M. Jimenez-Fernandez, Jimenez-Fernandez Jimenez-Fernandez, B.E. Palma-Grayeb, D. Pereyra-Diaz, J.E. Pretelin Canela, P.S. Luna-Lozano, J. Cervantes-Perez, C.E. Sampieri-Gonzalez, L. Cuellar-Hernández, C. Hoyos-Reyes, S.F. Hernandez-Machuca, J.M. Mendez-Perez, A.D. Contreras-Hernandez, O. Alvarez-Gasca, F.J. Gonzalez-Martinez, J.L. Rocha-Fernandez, J.L. Vazquez-Aguirre, L.J.Varela Lara, R.A. Callejas-Molina, H. Vazquez-Leal 103-115
Analysis of the Logistics System in the Management of Essential and Generic Drugs in Brazzaville PDF
Jean Bruno Mokoko, Stéphane Meo Ikama, Wilson Fabrice Ondongo, Fabrice Ondongo 116-124
Study the Effect of Double Sided Triangular Defected Ground Structure Technique on Microstrip Patch Antenna Parameters PDF
Ghufran Saady Abd-almuhsen, Noora H. Sherif, Mohammed Hussein Ali 125-133
Wi-Fi localization with a Case Study of Mobile Robot PDF
Asst. Prof. Dr. Hamid M. Hasan, Atheer J. Baqir 134-144
Sensory Evaluation of Meat of Broiler Poultry Birds Fed with Tomato-supplemented Feed PDF
Akinboye Olufunso E, Nwangburuka Cyril C, Tayo Grace O, Adeyemi Olajide A, Oyekale Kehinde O, Olumide Martha D, Chioma Gibson O, Akinboye Olusola O 145-150
Leaving in the Present and Future with IOT (Internet of Things) PDF
Latif Aikins, Professor. Zhongyu Chen 151-155
The Foreign Security Policy in Africa: France in Sahel Region PDF
Sylvain Medessoukou 156-165
The Influence of Interpersonal Conflict on the Organizational Performance in Public Financial Sector of Yemen PDF
Mohammed Aboaoga, Ibrahim Mohamed, Mohd Juzaiddin Ab Aziz 166-178
Research on Translation of Petroleum Technical English from the Perspective of Eco-Translatology PDF
Zhang Shuyue, Wang Feng 179-185
Modeling and Performance Evaluation of P, PI, PD and PID Temperature Controller for Water Bath PDF
J. S. Madugu, P. G. Vasira 186-200
Treatment Options of Periodontal Disease and its Complications in Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus PDF
Alexandru I. Precup, Raluca Juncar, Daniela Popa, Loredana Popa, Adrian M. Maghiar, Mihai Juncar 201-209