Some Aspect Dealing with VLF.EM Field Measurements


  • Mohammad Ibrahim Abdul-Razzak Ministry of Water Resources, National Center for Water Resources Management, Groundwater Studies Department


Geophysics, VLF-EM, Dyke Investigation.


During the VLF.EM survey to trace and map the delineation of the Cleveland dyke near Whitby / England, some interesting features dealing with the resultant VLF.EM anomalies as the shape of the Real profile and their cross-over point were observed and indicated. A reliable and aid solution was given by using some other geophysical method which carried in the same site as electrical resistivity technique (involving Wenner array) with geological information available in the area under investigation. The dyke was successfully traced and its delineation in NE-SW direction indicated. The parameters regarding such concealed body as location, depth, dip and its direction were calculated and given as well. The VLF.EM method has been revealed their efficacy to locate such high resistive concealed dyke.


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