Vol 21, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Impact of Social Network on Society: A Case Study of Abuja PDF
Adams Oluwadamilola Kemi 1-17
The Concept and Nature of Warfare in the ‘Pagan Societies’ of North Central Nigeria from the Earliest Times to 1920 PDF
Amin Zaigi Ngharen 18-28
Association between Alcohol Consumption and Smoking to Predisposing Conditions: Health Fair Study in Dominica PDF
Moheem Masumali Halari, Chidambra Dhariwal Halari, Nancy Foluke Olumide, David Adeiza Otohinoyi, Terrence Marcelle, Yusuf Joshua 29-40
Function of Ostia in Airflow Patterns within Nasal Cavity Model with Maxillary Sinus PDF
Erny Afiza, Yoko Takakura, Masahiro Iida 41-60
Flight Activity and Population Dynamics of the Olive Psylla, Eupyllura olivina Costa [Homoptera: Psyllaae] Infesting Ten Olive Cultivars in the Southern Highlands of West-Bank, Palestine PDF
Abdul-Jalil Salem Hamdan, Asmaa Alkam 61-68
Heavy Metals Pollution and Trend in the River Nile System PDF
Ihab Hassan, Basheer Elhassan 69-76
Isolation of Taxifolin from Trichilia Emetica Whole Seeds PDF
Abdullahi Usman, Vera Thoss, Muhammed Nur-e-Alam 77-82
Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Composition of Trichilia Emetica Shell Oil PDF
Abdullahi Usman, Adams Udoji Itodo, Nasiru Liman Usman, Maryam Haruna 83-90
Pavement Assessment of Farm Roads in Bhutan PDF
Narayan Dungana, Tashi Dubjur 91-98
Effectiveness of X and Gamma Rays for Scanning Cargo Containers PDF
Wagdy Kansouh, Mohamed Ahmed, Ibrahim Bashter, Riad Megahid 99-108
Girder Load Share for the Curved I-Girder Bridge Subjected to the Point Load PDF
Amer Izzet, Aymen Mohammed 109-123
Impact of Shadow Drying on Nutritive and Antioxidant Properties of Leafy Vegetables Consumed in Southern Côte D’Ivoire PDF
Florentin Acho, Lessoy Zoué, Sébastien Niamké 124-139
Evaluation of Lean Distribution Systems of Electricity Production Networks with Mathematical Programming and Simulation Method in Photovoltaic Power Generations PDF
Shahrooz Sharifi Boroojerdi, Danial Zaghi, Mohsen Momeni Tabar, Aidin Zojaji Kohan 140-162
A Static Solution to Einstein’s Field Equations for a Spherical Distribution of Electrically Counterpoised Dust with a Set of New Boundary Conditions PDF
Sashinka Wimaladharma, Nalin de Silva 163-177
Architectural Design and Implementation of Bit Error Rate Tester on FPGA PDF
Mann Aladwany, Zahraa Alsaegh 178-193
Convective Heat Transfer Study of ZnO Nanofluids and a Comparison with the Conventional Coolant Water PDF
Syed Amjad Ahmad, Atta Ullah Mazhar, M Hassan Mukhtar, Atif Mehmood, Salman Yousaf Baloch 194-201
Hydraulic Interaction of a Gully System PDF
Nuridah Sabtu, Adrian J. Saul, Gavin Sailor 202-209
Innovative Development Trends in Georgia PDF
Berdznishvili Karina 210-215
Effect of Zone of Proximal Development on the Performance of Learners in Stoichiometry in Selected Secondary Schools in the Zambezi Region, Namibia PDF
D. Denuga, J. Abah, P. Mashebe 216-226
Effects of Open Cast Quarrying Technique on Vegetation Cover and the Environment in South-Eastern Nigeria PDF
Angela Akanwa O, Faustina Onwuemesi E, Gladys Chukwurah O, Maurice Officha C 227-240
Critical Thinking Ability and Vocational Aspirations of Higher Secondary Students PDF
Sandhya Kattayat, Smitha Josey, Dr. Asha J.V, Sini Philip 241-249
Relationship between Thyroid Profile with Reproductive Hormones and Semen Quality PDF
Khushbu Vaghela, Heena Oza, Vinit Mishra, Anil Gautam, Yogendra Verma, Sukhdev Mishra, Sunil Kumar 250-258