Vol 14, No 3 (2015)


Table of Contents


Profit Sharing Contract on Oil and Gas Pursuant to Act Number 22 Year 2001 PDF
Mokhamad Khoirul Huda, Ninis Nugraheni, Kamarudin Kamarudin 1-15
Factors Contributing to Non-Productive Time in Geothermal Drilling in Kenya: A Case of Menengai Geothermal Project PDF
Reuben Kyalo Ngosi, Jane Omwenga 16-26
Some Biological Characteristics of Ten Fish Species in a Tropical Man-made Lake, Taabo Reservoir, West Africa. PDF
N'Guessan Aliko, N'Guessan Assemian, Koffi Boussou, koffi Konan 27-34
Intake of Purine-rich Foods, Total Meat, Seafood and Dairy Products and Relationship to Serum of Uric Acid PDF
Muhammed Ali Babiker 35-43
Effect of Conflict on Employees Performance: Evidence from Coca Cola Company Limited, Kumasi Branch. PDF
Prince Donkor, Samuel Afriyie, Benjamin AdjeiDanquah, Wilson Kwaku Nimsah 44-53
Developing a Message Interface Architecture for Android Operating Systems PDF
Mithun Ahamed 54-65
Investigation of Adsorption Characteristics of Fibrinogen on Modified Gold Substrates Using Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy PDF
Francis Nsiah, Mark T. McDermott T. McDermott 66-86
Forecasting Electricity Demand for Turkey Using Modulated Fourier Expansion PDF
Ahmet Yucekaya, Ergun Yukseltan, Ayse Humeyra Bilge 87-94
Decolorization of Textile Effluents Applying Sequential Operation of Prepared Activated Carbons PDF
Emmanuel K.A, Suresh babu Ch., Chakrapani Ch., Nagalakshmi T. V 95-106
Identification of B-cell Epitope Regions in Cell Surface Proteins of Streptococcus pneumoniae Serotype 19F Using Bioinformatic Tools PDF
Shirin Tarahomjoo 107-117
Cradle-to-Cradle Production: Concrete Waste Recycling for Sustainable Construction in Tanzania PDF
Shadrack M. M. Sabai 118-129
Services Delivery in Local Government and Empowerment of Female Headed Households: The Case of Huye District, Rwanda PDF
Emmanuel HAKIZIMANA 130-141
Leaching Retention of CCA Metals from High- Temperature Reaction with Alkaline Earth and Iron Based Sorbents PDF
Anadi Misra, Brajesh Dubey, Chang-Yu Wu, Timothy G Townsend, Helena M Solo-Gabriele 142-160
Impact on Leaching & Retention of Metals from High Temperature Reaction of CCA Metals with Alumino-Silicate Sorbents PDF
Anadi Misra, Brajesh K Dubey, Chang-Yu Wu, Timothy G Townsend, Helena M Solo-Gabriele 161-176
A Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna for KU-Band Applications PDF
Bashar Bahaa Qas Elias 177-186
Determination of Springback Values in Bending I-sections with Tresca Criteria PDF
Abla Abd El-Kader El-Megharbel, Reham Saleh, Gamal Ali 187-201
Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in 3G Service PDF
Tamanna Islam, Sadia Rahman, Nazmun Nahar 202-217
The Role of Leadership Management In National Sustainable Development PDF
Ojetunde Akinkunmi Aboyade 218-249
Students’ Attitude Towards Dental CAD/CAM Systems: A Questionnaire Study PDF
Daniela Popa, Alexandru Burde, Mariana Constantiniuc, Roxana Ioana, Bordea Bordea, Radu Septimiu Cȃmpian 250-254
Gender and Race Differences in the Uninsured Population of the United States, 2013 – 2014 PDF
Olumayowa Tijani-Eniola 255-263
Biochemical Assessment of Pregnancy-Related Physiological Changes in Renal Function PDF
Idris Yahaya mohammed, Hajara Damudi, Balaraba Bello, Suleiman Isa Yahaya, Musa Kurawa, Sanni Musa, Zainab Uba Ibrahim 264-271
Fast and Robust Smoothing Based Estimation of Missing Data for Video Error Concealment PDF
Aniruddha Diliprao Shelotkar, Prashant Ingole 272-278
Application of Kuhn-Tucker Optimality Criteria in the Selection of Fertilizer Combination for Crop Optimal Yield PDF
thomas adidaumbe ugbe, Stephen Akpan, Ajah Ofem 279-288
A Modified Vogel Approximation Method for Solving Balanced Transportation Problems PDF
thomas adidaumbe ugbe, Stephen Akpan, John Usen, Ofem Ajah 289-302
Determination of Variables Which Affect National Competition in Textile Clothing Industry in Turkey Regarding Supply, Production and Logistic Activities PDF
Kaya Özlem, Öztürk Fatma, Kılıçkaplan Serdar 303-315