Some Biological Characteristics of Ten Fish Species in a Tropical Man-made Lake, Taabo Reservoir, West Africa.

N'Guessan Aliko, N'Guessan Assemian, Koffi Boussou, koffi Konan


We studied some biological aspects of ten fish species from the Taabo Lake in Ivory Coast (West Africa). These fishes were the most targeted by the artisanal fisheries with about 77% of the captures. Fish populations were sampled during five surveys. Fish size, sex ratio, length-weight relationships and condition factor were analyzed. Standard lengths indicated a wide range for the ten species and the highest sizes recorded in this study were lower than those observed in other aquatic systems of West Africa. Sex ratios differed between species and showed significant variation from the expected ratio of 1:1 for seven species. Males were more abundant in four species (Distichodus rostratus, Tilapia zillii, Pellonula leonensis and Schilbe mandibularis) whereas females predominated in three species (Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus, Synodontis schall and S. punctifer). The values of the parameter “b” in length-weight relationships ranged from 2.702 to 3.267 and the ten fish species presented an allometric growth. The condition factor showed a wide range for all the studied species.



Size; Sex ratio; Length-weight relationships; Condition factor; Freshwater fishes; Taabo Reservoir; West Africa

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