Vol 41, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


E-waste Reduction via Virtualization in Green Computing PDF
Sidra Anwar, Mahjabeen Ghaffar, Fatima Razzaq, Bushra Bibi 1-11
Application of an Efficient Genetic Algorithm for Solving n×m Flow Shop Scheduling Problem Comparing it with Branch and Bound Algorithm and Tabu Search Algorithm PDF
Md. Humayan Ahmed, Romana Rahman Ema, Tajul Islam, Rana M Pir 12-25
Room Temperature Synthesis of Bismuth Oxyiodide with Different Morphologies for the Photocatalytic Degradation of Norfloxacin PDF
Saifullahi Shehu Imam, Zakariyya Uba Zango, Haruna Abdullahi 26-39
Image Processing Based Object Height Recovery to Reconstruct 3D Objects PDF
Dr. Ali Khleif, Mr. Ahmed Shnawa 40-56
Development and Validation of a Separation and Quantification Method for Residual Solvents in Active Substances by Headspace Gas Chromatography PDF
Kaouthar Louati, Mouna Sayadi, Fathi Safta 57-75
Social Media and its Impression on Consumers Behavior During Their Decision-Making Process PDF
Ola Homaidan Noureddine, Reem Bou ZeinEddine 76-84
Assessment of Foundation Instability Using Integrated Geotechnical and Geophysical Techniques: A Case Study of Giza, Keana LGA, Nasarawa State, North Central Nigeria PDF
Ibrahim Idris Giza, Ogbonnaya Igwe 85-108
The Role of Marketing Capabilities as a Resource-Based View on Organizational Performance PDF
Samuel Afriyie, Jianguo Du, Kingsley Appiah 109-123
The Presence of Metabolic Syndrome Components in Obese Female Subjects in General Population PDF
Christina Ruslany 124-132
Microbial Quality of Preserved Sardines Sold in Mombasa PDF
Josephine Odhiambo A., Jonah Birgen K., Paul Okemo O., Lawrence Alaro O. 133-145
Characterization of the Socio-economic Impact of Goat Rearing (Capra hircus L., 1758) in Peri-urban Pastoralists. Empirical Analysis Carried Out in the Natural Conditions of the Ituri Province PDF
Musalizi Muharabu Roger Lafleur, Mukandama Ndolandola Jean-Pierre, Muliri Big Lucien, Kasamba Uzele Delphin, Motoba Duabo Henry 146-161
Prediction of Storm Surge and Risk Assessment of Rakhine Costal Region PDF
May Ei Nandar Soe, Daw Aye Aye Thant, Dr. Kyaw Zaya Htun 162-180
A Comparison of Performances of Conventional Tillage Implements Versus Namibia Specific Conservation Tillage Implements under Ogongo, Namibia Conditions PDF
Bertha Mudamburi, Adedayo Akinade Ogunmokun, Emmanuel Lutaaya 181-199
Symptoms and Laboratory Findings of Patients Diagnosed with Typhoid Fever at the Time of Admission into the Health Service Facility PDF
Christina Ruslany 200-205
Analysis and Validation of a Designed Solar Chimney with 50 KW Output Power between 7 AM and 5 PM during a Year as a Power Supply Unit for Bushehr Province, Iran PDF
Nima Ghiasi, Mehran Zarkesh, Abbas Sadri 206-224
Electronic and Superconductivity Properties of FeSe Superconductor PDF
Sumal Chandra 225-232
Some Medicinal Plants Uses in Ethnical Group from Biratnagar, Eastern, Nepal PDF
Niroj Paudel, Dinesh Chandra Adhikari, Bishnu Dev Das 233-239
About the Proof of the L’Hôpital's Rule PDF
Gulmaro Corona-Corona 240-245
Location Allocation and Econometrics of a Solar Chimney with 50 KW Output Power in Terms of Climate Conditions of Southern Iranian Provinces PDF
Abbas Sadri, Roohallah Yazdanpanah, Abbas Korehbandi, Amin Roudhelehpour 246-262
An Efficient Recovery of Chromium From Tanning Liquor waste and its Reutilization for the Production of Quality Leather PDF
Beena Zehra, Hafiz Rub Nawaz, Barkat Ali Solangi, Uzma Nadeem, Tahira Ayaz, Mohammad Zeeshan 263-270
Experimental Study to Improve the Shear Stress of Silty- Sandy Soils by Using Urease Producing Bacteria PDF
Mohammed A. Ibrahim, Raid R. Al-Omari, Mustafa H. Ibrahim 271-277
Proposal of a Model that Allows to Improve the Behavior of the Passenger Flow Inside the TransMilenio Stations PDF
David A. Robles Forero, Edder A. Velandia Durán 278-292
Study of Optical Response of Gold Nanoclusters Deposited on Polymer Substrates: Influence of in Situ Mechanical Deformation PDF
S. ElJoumani, M. Idiri, M. Alhajjaji, A. Tahiri, B. Boubeker 293-297
Design of a Special Purpose Dish Washing Machine PDF
Igoke Major, Valentine Zorta 298-318
A Two-Dimensional Nitrogen Fertilization Model for Irrigated Crops in Turkey PDF
Konstantinos-Vasileios Karyotis, Nergiz Gülbahar, Andreas Panagopoulos 319-332
A Comparative Study among Four Controllers Intended for Congestion Control in Computer Networks PDF
Maryam Abd Al-majeed, Laith Saud 333-355