Vol 39, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


Methods of Reasoning in Scientific Discovery PDF
G. Nandasena, L. N. K. de Silva, K. K. W. A. S. Kumara 1-9
Potential Dependent Frictional Schrodinger Equation PDF
Ebtisam A. Mohamed, Mubarak Dirar, Ibrahim A. I. Hammad, A. Elfaki, Ibrahim Alfaki 10-18
Moderating Effect of Leverage on the Relationship between Board Size, Board Meetings and Performance: A Study on Textile Sector of Pakistan PDF
Aideed Bashir, Muzaffar Asad 19-29
CAE Methodology for Optimization of Automotive NVH Performance through Wheel Structure Modifications PDF
Akbar M. Farahani, Mahdieh Balaghi 30-37
Investigation of Using Polymers to Improve Asphalt Pavement Performance PDF
Noor Moutaz Asmael, Mohanned Qahtan Waheed 38-48
Children Mortality in Zimbabwe PDF
Aseel M. Almansour 49-54
Occurrence of Gastrointestinal Parasitism of Cows and Therapeutic Efficacy of Albendazole in Tehsil Tandlianwala, Faisalabad PDF
Masood Sadiq, Arsalan Khan, Khurram Ashfaq, Imaad Rashid, Mudassir Ameen, Ghulam Jelani 55-61
Readability Index on various Ghanaian News PDF
Eric Galaa, Charles Daarta Nanglakong, Cletus Ganaa 62-72
Development and Validation of an MCNP model for a Broad-Energy Germanium Detector PDF
M. Abdelati, H. I. Khedr, K. M. El Korughly 73-81
Effect of Aqueous Sweet Potato Leaf Extract and Metformin on Some Biochemical Parameters in Streptozotocin- Induced Diabetic Rats PDF
Rafiu A. A, Luka C. D 82-92
Assessment of the Perception of Quality of Worklife and Stress among the Staff of an Aerospace Company in Morocco PDF
Sabrine Battal, Saida Toufik 93-104
The Impact of Foot and Mouth Disease on the Beef Industry in Botswana: The Case of Tonota Village PDF
Benjamin K. Acquah, Karabo Dudu Modise 105-125
The Interaction between Technical Change and Capital Investment Growth and Stability of R&D Model PDF
Hanen Teka, Hatem Mhenni 138-158
Critical Success Factors to Implement Enterprise Resource Planning in Morocco Large Companies’ Case Study PDF
Younous EL mrini, Mustapha Belaissaoui, Issam Taqafi 159-168
Comparative Analysis Between Ngo & Company Financial Statements PDF
Reajmin Sultana 169-179
Fish Assemblage of Amadi Creek, Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria PDF
Adaba T. Ibim, Lilian C. Njoku 180-196
Seasonal Effect on Camel Milk Composition (Camelus dromedaries) Under Traditional and Intensive Management Systems in Butana Area-Sudan PDF
M. H. M. Elbashir, Sijoud. F. Elhassan 197-205
Attitude and Performance in Mathematics I of Bachelor of Elementary Education Students: A Correlational Analysis PDF
Gener S. Subia, Lily G. Salangsang, Hernina B. Medrano 206-213
The Impact of Human Resource Management on the Competitiveness of Oil Companies in Iraq PDF
Jawad Al-Frijawy, Constantin Militaru 214-223
The Effect of Proper Selection of Drilling Fluid on Drilling Operation in Janbour Field PDF
Akram Hamoodi, Ararat A. Rahimy, Amanj W. Khalid 224-234
Development of Centralized Transcript Processing System PDF
Mike Omogbhemhe, Jackson Akpojaro 235-243
Effects of Illegal Wells on Groundwater Level in the Central Sub-basin, Erbil Basin, Erbil, Kurdistan Region-Iraq PDF
Rubar Dizayee 244-249
French Word Recognition Through a Quick Survey on Recurrent Neural Networks Using Long-Short Term Memory RNN-LSTM PDF
Saman Sarraf 250-267
Antimicrobial Activity of Lemon (Citrus limon) Peel Extract Against Escherichia coli PDF
Alhoi Hendry Henderson, Edy Fachrial, I. Nyoman Ehrich Lister 268-273
Impact of Socio-cultural Factors for Gender Pay Gap among Agricultural Labourers in Sri Lanka PDF
M.T. Kumuduni Premarathna 274-284