Vol 31, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


A Feasibility Study for Snacks Manufacturing/ Retailing Investment Project PDF
Said Ali Hassan ElQuliti, Ghalib Anas Khashoggi 1-23
Proposal of Water Allocation Plans for Mandalay Area in Myanmar PDF
Kaung Myat, Nilar Aye 24-39
Investigation by Cone Penetration Tests of Piled Foundations in Frozen Soil Maintained by Thermosyphons PDF
Nikolay Volkov, Ivan Sokolov, Richard Jewell 40-58
Fascia Lata Graft of a Mucosa Disorder in Oral Cavity PDF
Vladimíra Schwartzová 59-66
Antioxidant Profile of Different Types of Herbal Infusions and Teas Commercially Available in Mexico PDF
Treviño-Gómez Darytza Mabel, Sánchez-Alejo Ernesto Javier, Gontes-Pérez Ixtaccihuatl Cynthia, Wong-Paz Jorge, Rojas Romeo, Martínez-Ávila Guillermo Cristian Guadal 67-77
Studies of 226Ra, 28Th and 40K Concentrations in Cooking Oil and Estimation the Radiological Hazards to Human Health PDF
Amal Al-Ghamdi, Jamilah Alzahrani 78-84
Is Apolitical Endeavor Desirable in Local Government Authorities Today? PDF
Elizabeth Landa 85-91
Earnings Information and Stock Market Efficiency PDF
Dr. Nympha Rita Joseph, Dr. Naveen Kumar, Dr. Lokesh Dr. Lokesh, K. Abhaya Kumar 92-100
Investigation of the Wear and Hardness Behavior of ST 37 Steel Coated by the Powder Flame Spraying Method PDF
Nurullah Kıratlı 101-108
Inspecting the Effects of Organic Content on Compaction and Consolidation Characteristics of Organic Soil Models PDF
Abdulaziz Al-Kifae, Muhannad Abdullah Hamad 109-123
The Role of Mass Media to the People of Hanoi City in Regard of the Campaign “The Vietnamese Prioritizing Consuming the Goods Made in Vietnam” PDF
Vũ Hào Quang, Nguyễn Thị Hà Giang 124-144
A Singular Function Algorithm for Packing the Protocol Description Unit Packet PDF
Kumbirai T. Mukosera, Gilford Hapanyengwi, Ben Nyambo, Emmanuel Mashonjowa 145-155
Smart Grain Storage Monitor and Control PDF
Said Mabrouk, Aya Abdelmonsef, Ahmed Toman 156-162
Identification and Characterization of Azo Dye Decolourizing Bacterial Strains, Alcaligenes faecalis E5.Cd and A. faecalis Fal.3 Isolated from Textile Effluents PDF
Ananda Kumar Saha, Nahida Sultana, Moni Krishno Mohanta, Abul Mandal, Md Fazlul Haque 163-175
Contribution of Fishery Production and Marketing Sector in the Household Food Security in the Red Sea State, Sudan PDF
Mohamed Hamza, Imad Alhasseen, Salah Mohamed 176-182
Fuzzy Logic Based Segmentation for Myanmar Continuous Speech Recognition System PDF
Yin Win Chit, Dr. Renu Dr. Renu 183-190
Neural Network Control for Quadrotors PDF
Osman Çakir, Tolga Yüksel 191-200
Effect of Detector Resolution on the Measurement of Nuclear Material Enrichment PDF
M. Darweesh, S. Shawky, Z. Ahmed 201-206
Learning Styles in High School Mathematics PDF
Alejandra Lira Vázquez, Ruth Torres Delfin 207-213
Synthesis of Dimensions Strategic Orientation for Improving Financial Performance Through Organizational Commitment; Empirical Study in Agriculture Bank of Iraq PDF
Basim Abbas Kraidy Jassmy, UNIV. PROF. Dr. Cristian-Silviu Banacu, Zaki Muhammad Abbas Bhaya, Latif Atiya 214-231
Subject: Risk Factors, Strategy Prevention and Treatment of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes PDF
Narges Jahantigh akbari, Ozra Khajavi, Elham Damanni, Ahmad Reza Asgkari Ashtiani 232-239
A Comparative Study of Classical Relation and Fuzzy Relation PDF
Abdul Alim 240-248
A Timeline of Analytical Techniques for Characterization and Treatment of Iron-gall Ink – A Brief Overview of the Last Two Decades PDF
Antonio Carlos Augusto da Costa, Fernanda do Nascimento Corrêa, Gustavo de Souza Sant’anna 249-264
Determination of Appropriate Mix Proportions for the Kenyan Blended Portland Cement Concrete Production PDF
Victoria A. Okumu, Stanley M. Shitote, Walter O. Oyawa 265-286
A Survey: Wireless Body Area Network for Health Monitoring PDF
Varsha Wahane, Dr. P. V. Ingole 287-300
Spasmolytic Effects of Aqueous Extract of Sterculia setigera Delile on Isolated Rat Trachea PDF
Judith F. Ahounou Aïkpe, André Hamadou, Géoffroy Ouedraogo, Sylvin Ouedraogo, Joachim D. Gbenou, Pierre H. Dansou 301-307
The Relationship between Ultraviolet, Vitamin D and Blood Glucose, in Vivo Study PDF
Asma Bukhari, Faten Khorshid 308-315
Empowering Women for a Better Future PDF
Agandaa Jennifer Azubire, Professor Ying Hongbin 316-322