Vol 11, No 1 (2015)

Volume 11, Issue 1: (JANUARY - 2015), (FEBRUARY - 2015), (MARCH - 2015)

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Table of Contents


Corrosion Management Methods of High TAN Crude Case study: (Fula Crude Oil-Sudan) PDF
Afaf G A, Hiba A. Badia, Elaf E. Hassan 1-7
Motivation of Children Interest at Primary School Level to Enhance the Study of Automobile Technology in Africa PDF
Chamberlain Joseph Ohwojero 8-19
Assessment of Dairy Feeds for Heavy Metals PDF
Tibebu Kochare Anjulo, Birhan Tamir Mersso 20-31
Treatment of Greywater for Non-Potable Applications PDF
I. I. Nwajuaku, O. E. Ekenta, A. I. Nwajuaku 32-41
Electronic Government and the Future of Digital Age: A Road Map of Nigerian Government (Prospects and Challenges) PDF
Sani Murtala Ridwan 42-50
Quality Assurance and Quality Control in ERP Systems Implementation PDF
Samantha Mathara Arachchi, Siong Choy Chong, A.G.I Madhushani 70-83
On Minimum Distance Problem PDF
Romer C. Castillo, Eugene E. Mendoza, Jenny B. Comia 84-95
Burnout Levels among Professional Counselors in Butabika and Mulago National Referral Hospitals in Uganda PDF
AMIR KABUNGA, Muya Francis Kihoro, Njuguna Jane M, Njuguna Christina N., Nginya Mary W. 96-103
Brief Review on Iron-Based Superconductors Including Their Characteristics and Applications PDF
Atikur Rahman, Arafat Hossen 104-126
Phytochemical Composition and Brine Shrimp Cytotoxicity Effect of Rosmarinus officinalis PDF
Z. N. Kabubii, J. M. Mbaria, P. M. Mbaabu 127-135
Indigenous Sheep Production System in Eastern Ethiopia: Implications for Genetic Improvement and Sustainable Use PDF
Helen Nigussie, Yoseph Mekasha, Solomon Abegaz, Kefelegn Kebede, Sanjoy Kumar Pal 136-152
Survey of Funding Policy and Acquisition of Information Resources in Federal College of Education (FCE) Library, Zaria, Kaduna- Nigeria PDF
Sani Murtala Ridwan 153-163
The Role of Modern Software and Applications in the Protection of Electronic Crimes PDF
Yasser Elmalik Ahmed Seleman 164-168
Q is a Convergence Set PDF
Basma Al-Shutnawi, Mohammad Zannon 169-172
Women Home Based Workers in Rural areas of Pakistan PDF
Naila Shamshad, Saira Akhtar, Kanwal Asghar, Rashid Menhas, Madhia Naz 173-182
Cone Penetration Test Applications in Offshore Structure Geotechnical Projects PDF
Salman Mashhadifarahani, Ubiratan Stefano Paraguassu 183-193
A Review on Image Segmentation Techniques That Integrate Region and Boundary Information PDF
Bharti Nagpal
The Basics of Projection Method in Economics PDF
Fauzi Adi
New Guidelines for Feeding Babies PDF
Aron Borglund, kayla Borglund
Creating Customer Loyalty Through Service Customization PDF
Miroslaw McIlraith
A Novel Classification Technique in Pattern Recognition PDF
Harry Robinson, Thomas Wilson, Matthew Wilson
Heart Attack detection Methods Using GPS PDF
Tanja Torrent
Fast and Efficient Data Mining Algorithm to Analyze Medical Data PDF
Mark Maroin
Comparing Face Detection Methods Based on Shape Information PDF
John Chibambo, Paul Maroin
Malware Detection Methods Via Reputation System PDF
Kumar Gupta
Hazardous Waste Management Industry Analysis PDF
Genya Leela
Aircraft Landing System Using Feedback Linearization Method PDF
Vinita Hansen
Economic Valuation of the Environment Methods: A Case Study PDF
Dries Jensen, Martin Hansen
Wireless Mesh Routing Architecture and Protocols PDF
Bogdan Brezovan, Charde Bhargavi
Effect of Water Treatment Chemicals on the Properties of Wheat PDF
Ahmad ben salem
Structural Reliability Estimation With Vibration-Based Identified Parameters PDF
Raju Uma
Chemical Engineering Research and Design Challenges PDF
Bogdan Barbier
Benefits of Integrating Expert Systems Fuzzy Logic and Neural Computing PDF
Siddesh Anil
Appreciation of Factors Affecting Health and Safety at Work PDF
Liang Yang, Wanli Chen, Fu Wen
Care Clustering in Mental Health PDF
Théophile Leroy, Philippe Lefebvre
Hip Fractures in Elderly: Ten Years Analysis PDF
Feras Fahmi
Evolution and Creationism in Public Schools PDF
Samuel Divakaran
Using Metals In Fused Glass PDF
Shengqiang Huang, Wentao Tang