Vol 7, No 1 (2014)

Volume 7, Issue 1: (JANUARY - 2014), (FEBRUARY - 2014), (MARCH - 2014)

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Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection and Rubella Susceptibility Among Obstetric Population in Metropolis Antenatal Centre Kano, Nigeria PDF
Koki Y. A., Mukhtar M. D, Taura D. W, Adamu S, Musa M. A, Ismail T. A, Halliru H. A, Hassan K. Y, Usaini B. R 1-14
Nutrient, Mineral and Bioactive Constituent Evaluation of Bamboo Shoots Grown in Masha area, South- West of Ethiopia PDF
Ahmed Awol 15-25
Adaptability Study of Improved Irish Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Varieties at South Ari Woreda, Ethiopia PDF
Misgana Mitiku, Wondwesen Shiferaw, Awoke Tadesse 26-30
Pros and Cons of Curcumin as Bioactive Phyto-Compound for Effective Management of Insect Pests PDF
Gobinda Chandra Roy, Kaushik Chakraborty, Parthasarathi Nandy, M. N. Moitra 31-43
Determination of planting Season of Sugarcane at Kuraz Sugar Development project, Southern Ethiopia PDF
Zinabu Wolde, Abiwa Adane 44-49
A Review on Semiconductors Including Applications and Temperature Effects in Semiconductors PDF
Md. Atikur Rahman 50-70
newborn care tips for stressed-out parents PDF
Elena Rafig
Image Compression Using wavelet Transform: A Review PDF
Vozalis Margaritis
a review on problem and opportunities for molecular communication PDF
Joey Goetz
Moving Object Detection In MP4 Video File PDF
Bogdan Brezovan, Charde Bhargavi
comparing term-weighting approaches in automatic text retrieval PDF
Pan Belaton
scheduling mechanisms in operating systems PDF
Miroslaw Robinson
Symmetric Autozeroing Floating-Gate Transconductance Amplifier with Ultra Low Voltage PDF
Mark King, Rhys Anderson, Anthony King
An Improved Algorithm using genetic algorithms for Ovarian Epithelial Cancer PDF
Werner Weber, Thomas Dierich
Nonlinear Dynamics of Topological solitons in DNA: A Survey PDF
Liang Cheng
sintered aluminum powder manufacturing methods PDF
Werner Robinson
Text Categorization using support vector machines for French Language PDF
Vetrivelan Pandu, Suneeta Dieter
using asymmetry in the spectral clustering of trajectories for vehicle classification PDF
Léonard Petit
Trilateral Filter for biomedical image Image Restoration PDF
Maria Beckenbauer, Steffen Engel, Lena Frankfurter
induced current in vertical conductor factor causes: a review PDF
Dong Huang, Zhao Wenzhi, Qiu Ying
intergenerational change in ethnic identity within the family PDF
Erik Feldens
A Formal Analysis for multi robot dynamic task allocation in multi robot systems PDF
Scotty Garland, Andriana Milne
E-government and bureaucracy: A Survey PDF
Vectoria Willard
An improved Expert System for Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis PDF
Patrick Berg, Robert Drescher, Ehrlich mann
attack classification based on association rule mining PDF
Shih Cheng
clinical laboratory science education and management PDF
Mario Molina
task planning method under uncertainty PDF
Peter Lamal
analytical research on homelessness PDF
Vinita Hansen
4g wireless mobile internet challenges and opportunities in portugal PDF
Laetitia Bagley, Janey Fox, Laura Baldwin
functional analysis of behavior form intervention plans PDF
Moderato Karola, Paolo Dillenburger
improving classification accuracy of hyperspectral images PDF
Hervey Kellogg
public health management using remotely sensed data PDF
Henry Osborn
Intraosseous Vascular Access in Adults: A Review PDF
Rocha Carneiro, Asawa Agarwal
detecting outliers using cook's distance PDF
Alireza Vedad, Gordor Podgornyy
Science and Technology in conflict with African Environmental Ethics PDF
Akram abbass, Karam radi
proposed method for modeling organizational performance indicators PDF
Maxene Pearson, Joandra White