Determination of planting Season of Sugarcane at Kuraz Sugar Development project, Southern Ethiopia

  • Zinabu Wolde
  • Abiwa Adane
Keywords: Sugarcane, planting time, Rainfall, Temperature.


The timing of planting, ratooning and harvesting influences the productivity of a sugarcane crop cycle. It is necessary to quantify these effects, both within and outside the current harvest season, to optimize crop cycle productivity and to optimize harvest season length. The effect of different planting times was examined in area depending on the weather condition of the study area. The results obtained show that there were high consecutive rainfall in the month of March, April, May as compared with other months of the area. There is also high rain on the month of September, October and November, which shows the consecutive existence of rainfall show the planting season should be out of this time. However, in the latter consecutive months there were dates receiving no rainfall, which indicate planting, are possible within this time. From this all it is concluded that the planting season of kuraz sugar plantation project were ranged from June to December. 


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