Vol 10, No 1 (2014)

Volume 10, Issue 1: (OCTOBER - 2014), (NOVEMBER - 2014), (DECEMBER - 2014)

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Designing a framework for Sudanese Construction Industry PDF
Shamboul Adlan Mohmed, Hassan Ahmed Sulieman 1-9
Assessment of Herd Structure and Use of Cactus (Opuntia ficus indica) and Indigenous Browse Species as Livestock Feed in Miesso, Eastern Ethiopia PDF
Daniel Taddesse, Solomon Melaku, Yoseph Mekasha 10-27
Mango Production Knowledge and Technological Gaps of Smallholder Farmers in Amhara Region, Ethiopia PDF
Yigzaw Dessalegn, Habtemariam Assefa, Teshome Derso, Mesfin Tefera 28-39
Health Risk Associated with Handling of Contaminated Paper Currencies in Circulation: A review PDF
Gosa Girma 40-53
Heavy Metals in Contaminated Soil: Sources & Washing through Chemical Extractants PDF
Sofani Tafesse Gebreyesus 54-60
Updating the Fundamental Theorem of Homomorphism of General Universal Algebras PDF
Gezahagne Mulat Addis 61-73
E-Banking in Pakistan PDF
Rabia Najaf, Khakan Najaf, Bilal Aziz Pasowal 74-84
Ground Water Potential Evaluation Based on Integrated GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques, in Bilate River Catchment: South Rift Valley of Ethiopia PDF
Tesfaye Tessema Gintamo 85-120
Decision Making method for Risk Analysis and Crisis management PDF
Ram Shalinie, Kok Cheng
new projection method in engineering drawing PDF
Rajani Kota
Personalized medicine and oncology practice: proposed guidelines PDF
Judah Hopsch
new guidelines for carcinogen risk assessment PDF
Karmen Biswas
impact of ERP implementation on supply chain management PDF
Vinita Hansen
Artificial Neural Expert Computing Models For Determining Shelf Life of Natural Cheese PDF
Siddesh Anil
network reliability and fault tolerance for multi-computers systems PDF
Nesa Nabifar
New Polynomial-time Decomposition Algorithm for Petri Net PDF
Tod Bratton
creating customer loyalty and retention PDF
Vinita Hansen
a new classification technique in machine learning PDF
Suneeta Dieter, Vetrivelan Pandu
fast chain coding algorithm of region boundaries PDF
Prasad Leela
heart attack detection method using walking stick PDF
Logan Allen, Nathan Young, Eric Wright
a new data mining algorithm to classify students PDF
Ryu Tadahiko, Yeop Chusho, Aman deepo
access points vulnerability assessment method using neural networks PDF
Margaux Petit
fuzzy logic implementation method in microcontroller PDF
Agarwal shahristani
novel face detection method based on photoplethysmography PDF
Piotr Evans
efficient Video Streaming over 4G Networks PDF
Hudson Law, Rebeckah Overholt
aspect mining ideas using event traces PDF
Darleen Saltser, Otis Patterson
new steganalysis method of LSB based image steganography using spatial and frequency domain features PDF
Louisa Thomas, Janeka Lauffer
proposed Hybrid Malware Detection Technique Using Machine Learning PDF
Maria Osborn
waste management in the tapioca based starch industry overview PDF
Werner Walker
Rethinking Carbon Dioxide Sources in Atmosphere PDF
Mark King, Rhys Anderson, Anthony King
critical energy infrastructure protection in Canada PDF
Liang Yang, Wanli Chen, Fu Wen
hydrated lime stabilization of sulfate-bearing vertisols in Europe PDF
Jaime Collington
Electricity Demand Function for the Industries of Argentina PDF
Marty Wilo, Duana Hoover, Kody Schneider
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Policy PDF
Osokam Shadrach
usability evaluation of augmented reality systems PDF
Agarwal Beaven
explaining the relationship between hypothesizing predicting and experimenting PDF
Popescu Marius, Koladiya Vaghela, Miri Maeda
using genetic programming to predict financial data in banking industry PDF
Javier Garcia
should medical education be subsidized? PDF
San Kumar
Urgency of Suicide Attempts in Egypt: A Psycho-socio-cultural Investigation PDF
adel karam
A Web-based Two-layered Integration Framework for Network Troubleshooting PDF
Verma Vikas, Hans uenther, Vaso Pavlika
proposed learning curve method in cost estimation PDF
Gassan drweesh, Adnan kanan
modeling of flexible beams for robotic manipulators PDF
Andrew Walker, Angus Kelly, Sean Nguyen
new artificial immune system algorithm for the resource availability cost problem PDF
Genya Coffey
the trend of social movements in america professionalization and resource mobilization PDF
Harry Watson