Vol 9, No 1 (2014)

Volume 9, Issue 1: (JULY - 2014), (AUGUST - 2014), (SEPTEMBER - 2014)

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Table of Contents


Free Vibration Analysis of Isotropic Plates by Alternative Hierarchical Finite Element Method Based on Reddy’s C1 HSDT PDF
Nadjib Sidi Mohammed Serdoun, S. M. Hamza-Cherif 1-19
Effect of Supplementation of Cactus and Selected Browses Mix on Feed Utilization of Somali Goats PDF
Daniel Taddesse, Solomon Melaku, Yoseph Mekasha 20-34
The Chemistry of Khat and Adverse Effect of Khat Chewing PDF
Alemayehu Gashawa, Tewodros Getachew 35-46
Depression and Treatment of Depression in Neurofeedback PDF
Leila Maleki, Hassan Bafandeh 47-63
The Indirect Socioeconomic Impact of Illegal Hunting of African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) for Trophy in East Wollega, Ethiopia PDF
Mosissa Geleta 64-75
Democratization and its Balance Sheet in Francophone and Anglophone Africa; the Zambian and Beninese Experience PDF
Niying Roger Mbihbiih 76-87
Factors Underlying Stigmatization of Epilepsy: A Comparative Case Study of Suba and Meru Central Districts, Kenya PDF
Tiberry D. O. Nyakwana, Jemimah A. Simbauni, James O. Jowi 88-105
The Economic Impact of Computer virus - A case of pakistan PDF
Andrea Baraldi
Relation of economics to social science: A Review PDF
Javier Jensen
Wavelength Selection for Gabor Wavelet using Neural Network PDF
Ron Ye, Jing Ma, Yu-Jen Chen
Web-Based Geographical Information System for health data sharing in Austria PDF
Rastus Rader
Emerging bugs in cyberspace: a review PDF
Daphne Duin
decision making in a fuzzy environmental to air pollution PDF
Popescu Marius, Koladiya Vaghela, Miri Maeda
Innovative Methods of Teaching and Learning Chemistry in high schools PDF
Suneeta Shalinie
Improving the Visibility and Use of Digital Repositories in turkey PDF
Zheng Bahari
Vulnerability Analysis and Defense for Database SQL Injection Attacks PDF
Surepeddi Gowtham
Market Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables In Jamaica PDF
Julia Evans
Teacher - Parent Partnerships during Teacher Training: guidelines and strategies PDF
Samuel Divakaran
Electrophysiological Methods and Instrumentation: General Guidance PDF
Cuthbert Weinstein, Milo Queer
A New Intelligent Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Networks PDF
Ehsan Eiffel
New Simple and Efficient Framework for Privacy-preserving Distributed Computation PDF
Marvin Briggs, Maddison Bishop
proposed methodology for crime and intelligence research PDF
River Rosenstiehl, Johnnie Burnett, Joshua Cable
energy reduction in pumps and pumping systems PDF
Luke Watson
feature detection using image processing techniques PDF
Samuel Schmitt
image processing applications in astronomy PDF
Maverick Altman
inventory management data analysis and interpretation technique PDF
Eugene Mahal
M-Learning: A New Paradigm of Learning Mathematics in India PDF
Xi Zhang, Bing Feicheng
A New Approach for Critical Infrastructure SCADA Systems PDF
Avgoustos Dieter
a new novel hill-climbing approach for automatic gridding of cDNA microarray image PDF
Tanja Goldschmidt
routing protocols in wireless ad hoc networks: a simulation study PDF
Xiao Zhang, Ge Xiuquan, Li Guoqing
a review on image segmentation techniques with remote sensing perspective PDF
Peter Lamal
virtual simulations education survey PDF
Richard Khoury
emotional freedom technique for cancer patients PDF
Schreiber Gunter
chest radiograph evaluation and interpretation methods PDF
Ethel Birdsall
investigating the barriers and benefits for risk analysis in capital budgeting PDF
Anselimo Peters
novel traction system for neck PDF
Sihui Mu
vulnerabilities of uttarakhand disaster PDF
George Rouskas
seed extraction methods in tomato PDF
Aron Mauch, Billy Lagrone
human emotion analysis method using neural networks PDF
Agarwal Beaven
noise removal using audacity PDF
Kate Brown, Jasmine Matthew, Olivia Martin
Egg nutrition facts PDF
Mukesh kumar, Meena Harris, Khade Mane
the control of pollution oil storage PDF
Verma Vikas, Hans uenther, Vaso Pavlika
Improved Mining Technique to Answer Web Questions PDF
Ryu Tadahiko, Yeop Chusho, Aman deepo
Assessing Pollution Levels in Effluents of Industries in City Zone of Jeddah, KSA PDF
Fiaz Ahmad, naser ksawna