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Students’ Perception Towards the use of Traditional Medicine for the Treatment of Mental Disorders: The Case of Arba Minch University

Kelemu Zelalem Berhanu


The purpose of this study was to examine university students’ perception towards the use of traditional medicines (TMs) in the treatment of mental disorders. Students-based cross sectional type of research design was employed to conduct this study.  The findings of this study revealed that most of the study participant’s 197(63.5%) preferred traditional medicines before joining to the Arba Minch University for the Treatment of mental disorders. But, 113(36.5%) of the respondents preferred modern medicines.  The study also revealed that students expressed positive perception towards the use of traditional medicines in the treatment of mental disorders.  And, there was statistically significant difference in perception scores due to college (F (3,298) =3.197, p=0.024 and year levels (F (2, 298) =3.466, p=.032), Ethnic-background and socio-economic status interaction effect (F (7,295) =2.403, p<0.05) in perception towards the use of Traditional Medicines (TMs) in the treatment of mental disorders. This study was concluded family was the main source of information about TMs. From this, the researcher believed families were influential in their decision to use TMs and played a role in providing assistance with uncertainty around decision-making and telling about a success of treatment for a problem.


Perception; Traditional Medicines; Mental Disorders; University students.

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