Vol 6, No 1 (2013)

Volume 6, Issue 1: (OCTOBER - 2013), (NOVEMBER - 2013), (DECEMBER - 2013)

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Table of Contents


Determination of Chloramphenicol in Pharmaceutical Samples at Electrochemically Pretreated Glassy Carbon Electrode PDF
Tassew Alemayehu, Assefa Sergawie 1-11
3D Password Enabling Using Gait Technology PDF
BalaSai Charan, Venkat Narayana Rao, Saras Chandra 12-19
Electoral Corruption in Central Africa and Entrenchment of Democratic Culture: A case Study of Cameroon PDF
Umar Kabanda, Forgwe Azwe Nina Therese, Forgwe Azwe Nina Therese, Forgwe Azwe Nina Therese, Ouedraogo Idrissa, Ouedraogo Idrissa, Ouedraogo Idrissa 20-31
Students’ Perception Towards the use of Traditional Medicine for the Treatment of Mental Disorders: The Case of Arba Minch University PDF
Kelemu Zelalem Berhanu 32-52
Food Security In Portugal: A Detailed Overview PDF
Danielle Watson
Electronic Government Procurement Readiness Assessment using artificial intelligence PDF
Werner Weber, Thomas Dierich
Predicting Critical Thinking Skills of Primary School Students PDF
Biometrics Based Authentication for Cloud Computing PDF
Vijay Khare
Digitization of Medical Knowledge PDF
Pan Belaton
A new signature verification technique using multiple neural classifiers PDF
Schreiber Gunter
3D Outdoor Collaborative Augmented Reality System architecture PDF
Daniel Apollon
Problems experienced with the teaching of Arabic in Egypt PDF
Gassan drweesh, Adnan kanan
Germany E-Government Where Is It Coming From And Where Is It Going PDF
Viveca Wiklund
A Fast Quality Prediction Approach to Speech Evaluation PDF
Theobald Cox, Khloe Dennis, Sebastian Otis
An Algorithm For Mining Fuzzy Association Rules in a bank-account database PDF
Xiao Zhang, Ge Xiuquan, Li Guoqing
An Assessment of Animal Housing Needs in Ausralian PDF
Danielle Dieter
Analysing Teachers’ Attitude Towards Web-based collaborative learning PDF
Daniel de Oliveira
Assessment of TQM Practices and awareness in mobile service organizations PDF
Elna Ruby, Celesta Julius, Jodi Dufresne
Comprehensive Solution to the Security and Privacy Issues of Passport`s Authentication PDF
Kassandra Rogers
Enablers and Barriers Of Foreign Direct Investment In Lebanon PDF
Toni Naser
The Causal Impact of Education And Economic Growth In Sweden PDF
Danielle Campbell Sydney, Edwards Jack, Jack Stewart
Evaluating the Success of ERP Systems in Portugal production firms PDF
Vinita Hansen
Glaucoma Nursing Care Plans: Notes and Practices PDF
Arkady Zverev, Georgiy Kirillin
The Politics of “Public Opinion” in the Pakistan PDF
Fang Evans
persuasive techniques in advertising online video PDF
Théophile Nagpal
physiological signals based human emotion recognition a review PDF
Ilia Uma
a new reliable routing protocol for vanet communications PDF
Andrew Shalinie
a new real time applications transport protocol for ad hoc networks PDF
Miroslaw McIlraith
Potato Production, Marketing Structure and Solution Recommendations for Problems of Farmers: A Case Study of Jordan PDF
Mohammad Habahba
computational geometry algorithms and applications solutions PDF
Fang Chan, Gang Jinhe, Liu YU
E-Government Assessment And Future Directions in France PDF
John Chibambo, Paul Maroin
Elemental Characterization and Source Apportionment of Air Particulate Matter in Pakistan Industrial Areas PDF
Rosalee Lavine, Nila Macbeth, Helga Feggins