E-waste Reduction via Virtualization in Green Computing

Sidra Anwar, Mahjabeen Ghaffar, Fatima Razzaq, Bushra Bibi


As Virtualization, Green Data Center, Cloud computing, grid computing, Power optimization are the technologies of green computing. This study focuses on need of E-waste reduction that support through virtualization to save over all expenditures on hardware resources that is costly and even after some time causes e-waste. It is aimed to highlight the harms of the e-waste, importance of its reduction, how it can be reduced through virtualization, functionality of Virtualization and its contribution as an essential feature in Green Computing. Innovation in the technology to reduce energy/power consumption, creating data centers and virtual environment to optimize the use of computing in Information & Communication technology, revealed as Virtualization. Through systematic Research, it is revealed that virtualization is an optimization technique which is used to find the solution of resource management, server utilization, load balancing, e-waste collection and recycling etc. It has been changing information facilities due to its capability to consolidate hardware resources and decrease energy costs. Thus, harmful effects of computing on environment can be reduced which cause environmental sustainability.


E-waste; Virtualization; Recycling; Power Optimization; Green Computing.

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