Development and Validation of an MCNP model for a Broad-Energy Germanium Detector

M. Abdelati, H. I. Khedr, K. M. El Korughly


An MCNP model was developed for a Broad-Energy Germanium Detector (Model BE2830). This model was constructed based on the manufacturer specifications provided for the detector. In order to develop the complete MCNP model, the activity of three standard radioactive sources (Co-57, Co-60 and Cs-137) was calculated by estimating the detector absolute full energy peak efficiency at different gamma-ray energy lines, using the MCNP model, and measuring count rates due to those energy lines, using the BEGe detector, with different setup configurations. The obtained results were in agreement with certified values with a relative difference ranging from -1.84% to 1.57%. As an application for the constructed MCNP model, 235U mass contents for five Standard Nuclear material (SNM) samples were estimated. The obtained results indicate that this model could be used effectively for nuclear safeguards purposes.


MCNP model, Falcon 5000 detector; MCNP efficiencies; activity; 235U mass contents; standard NM sample.

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