Studies of 226Ra, 28Th and 40K Concentrations in Cooking Oil and Estimation the Radiological Hazards to Human Health

Amal Al-Ghamdi, Jamilah Alzahrani


The specific activity of Uranium (238U),Thorium (232Th) and Potassium (40K) were measured in different brands of cooking oil that are available in Saudi Arabia markets. The gamma spectrometry method with high-purity germanium (HPGe) detector was used. The results indicate that the activity concentrations measured  for 226Ra varied  from 0.23 to 6.05 Bq l-1 , 232Th varied from 0.68 to 2.89Bq l-1  and 40K from 1.32 to 21.81Bq l-1.The corresponding average activity concentrations of 226Ra,  228Th and 40K were found to be 2.41, 0.85 and 8.87Bq l-1, respectively. The total annual effective dose was estimated to be 9.51μSvy-1 whichis less than the world total dose value 290 μSvy-1 for all food reported by  UNSCEAR 2000. The results show that all the examined samples do not create any significant source of radiation hazard and safe for the public health.


Natural radioactivity; absorbed dose; annual effective dose.

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