Subject: Risk Factors, Strategy Prevention and Treatment of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes

Narges Jahantigh akbari, Ozra Khajavi, Elham Damanni, Ahmad Reza Asgkari Ashtiani


Studies your target reviews of risk factors and preventive maintenance and also treatment for harm reduction anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) assigned to  help women's sports society. Female athletes with ACL injury such as psychological and emotional problems, social and medical costs high and physical is confronted. So the purpose of the article understand risk factors of ACL injury among women suggested therapy for determining women  with risk of ACL injury high. Review  search databases Scopus, Pubmed, Cochran, Elsevier, Pedro and google scholar for Assigning Articles  performed on the injury anterior cruciate ligament particularly studies conducted on prevalence of the pathology in women  that has case studies  of ACL injury, especially women, as well as of risk factors and treatment of ligament injury was detected in women. A total of 14 articles in field of check the network among which, six articles various ligament of the anterior cruciate The damaged reviews 3 article with risk high ACL women of  the 2 article alone factor risk , 1 Original is also prevention and first article examines of risk factors and treatment only 1 article reviews the epidemiology  of  ACL injury in women, men.

The results showed that ACL injuries in female athletes are more likely than men due to differences in neuromuscular. So we have discussed the difference evaluating the Risk Factors and Treatment Studies previous risk of internal and external. According to this study nonsurgical treatments surgical treatment including strength training, plyometric, weight bearing and proprioception whose activities the patient to return to the damage.


lower extremity injuries; ACL; athletic women; treatment; risk factors of ligament injury.

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