Proposal of Water Allocation Plans for Mandalay Area in Myanmar

Kaung Myat, Nilar Aye


This study aims to investigate the current water demand and supply situation of domestic, industrial, irrigation and hydropower sector around Mandalay area in 2014 as reference year and proposes allocation plans based on the changes of water demand and supply due to the growth of water demand and completion of future water supply projects for 2015 to 2030.  The Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) model is used to assess present and future water allocation for all sectors of study area in terms of unmet demand and demand site coverage.  In this study, Mandalay city, Mandalay industrial zone I and II, Sedawgyi and Sedawlay irrigated areas and Sedawgyi hydropower plant are considered as demand site and Sedawgyi dam, Ayeyarwaddy river, Dotehtawaddy river and groundwater along the Ayeyarwaddy river are considered as supply sources.  Based on the year 2014 water supply and demand condition, reference scenario is simulated.  According to the results of reference scenario, there is unmet demand at Mandalay city and industrial zones but irrigation and hydropower sectors are met with required demand.  And then, two options of the future scenarios are simulated with and without consideration of proposed government projects as the proposal allocation plans for the future trend of water supply sources and demand sites.  


water allocation plan; Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) model; reference scenario; future scenario, unmet demand;Mandalay area.

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