Development of Centralized Transcript Processing System

Mike Omogbhemhe, Jackson Akpojaro


Transcript is an academic record that details all the academic performance of a particular student throughout the years spent in the higher institution of learning. It can simply be seen as a copy of student’s academic record in higher institution of learning. Hence, any system used for managing students’ academic records is referred to as transcript system. A transcript system is a student information management system for processing and managing students’ academic data. Till date, many tertiary institutions in Nigeria still use the manual system to process and file students’ transcripts. This system is time consuming, prone to errors, encourages wrong manipulations of students’ academic records and it very tedious to use. Due to the nature/challenges of this manual system, significant number of students have been discouraged to study in Nigeria. In addition, due to unnecessary delay, some students’ academic records have been wrongly manipulated and computed, some students have lost their lives to accident while travelling to their tertiary institutions they graduated from. This motivated the need to employ information communication technology (ICT) in processing students’ academic transcripts. A well-deployed application will eliminate most of these challenges in the current system. Therefore, this paper presents a web-based architectural framework suitable for implementing a centralized transcript processing system in Nigerian tertiary institutions. The system allows students to process their transcripts at the comfort of their homes without considering the location, and the transcript will be generated and submitted to the designated address either electronically or by post.


Framework; Transcript; Centralized; Tertiary Institutions; ICT.

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