A Singular Function Algorithm for Packing the Protocol Description Unit Packet

Kumbirai T. Mukosera, Gilford Hapanyengwi, Ben Nyambo, Emmanuel Mashonjowa


A new sequential singular function algorithm for packing Protocol Description Unit packets in the Short Message Mobile Originated Point-to-Point service is proposed. The single function algorithm simplifies the Short Message Entities programming where ATtention Commands are used to link Switched on Mobile Stations with Service Centers. This is in mode 0 of the short message service transmission. This paper shows that by using, only one single string function, the “Mid” or “Substring” function, it is still possible and is simpler to encode all the metadata contained in the Transport Protocol Data Unit frame of the Submit Protocol Description Unit packet. Our results show that, this proposed algorithm, always outputs 100% perfectly accurate packets for any combination of header and user data payload submitted in hexadecimal octets or decimal semi-octet format. It is thus possible for programmers not only to manipulate the distinct fields of the header data but also to modify the metadata using that single function only.


Algorithm; AT+CMGF=0; Mid String; PDU; SMS SUBMIT; Substring.

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