Rotating Machinery Signal Analysis Method Based on EEMD and Spectrum Correction

Han Xiaojun, Liu Xiaoyong, Rong Feng, Li Dechong


Aiming at the problems of low accuracy of non-stationary signal spectrum analysis in rotating machinery vibration, this paper puts forward a kind of rotating mechanical signal analysis method based on EEMD and spectrum correction. Firstly, ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD) is used to obtain the intrinsic mode functions (IMF) of the original signal; secondly, do correlation analysis for each IMF component and the original signal separately, and find out the IMF component with the largest correlation coefficient and calculate the frequency spectrum of the IMF; finally, spectrum correction algorithm is employed to get accurate spectrum for quantitative analysis. A practical vibration signal of rotor vibration platform is applied to testing the method of this paper, the EMD method and wavelet analysis method separately. The results show that the proposed new method can improve the precision of spectrum analysis for rotating mechanical signal significantly; therefore, it has a good application prospect.


EEMD; spectrum correction; Intrinsic mode; signal analysis.

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