A Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna for KU-Band Applications

Bashar Bahaa Qas Elias


In this paper, the design of wideband microstrip patch antenna is proposed for applications working at the operating frequency in the range of KU - band. The design is created with related to above 12 GHz of resonant frequency. The structure is consist of a perfect conductor patch plane with a triangular slot, (infinite and finite) ground plane in two separate studies in this paper, substrate layer with dielectric constant 1.001 as a sandwich between them and coaxial cable feed line for excitation. An achievement of the design has been carried out using FEKO simulation software. Antenna was analyzed in terms of reflection coefficient, bandwidth, gain and VSWR to verify performance efficiency. The maximum simulated bandwidth is 13.3% is achieved at 12.57 GHz resonant frequency with VSWR<2 in the case of using infinite ground plane. On the other hand the maximum bandwidth is 12.9% at 12.128 GHz resonant frequency with VSWR <2 in the case of using finite ground plane with certain sizes.


bandwidth; gain; VSWR; finite; infinite; FEKO.

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