A Study on Consumer Perception towards Adoption of 4G Mobile Technologies in Rwanda

Nshakabatenda Ramadhani, Prashant Kalaskar, Vaishali Satpute


Consumer adoption process affects the success or failure of products in service industry. Though 4G technology is gaining an increasing importance in developed countries, there are various factors that will affect the acceptance of 4G technology in developing country like Rwanda. Over 2G technologies, 3G technology is well accepted by the Rwandan youths and service sector employees for its benefits like speed, price, and service availability etc. This study is conducted to understand to understand the interplay of factors involved in the adoption process of 4G technologies in Rwanda. This study was conducted on 150 consumers, who are 3G technology users, a cross sectional data was collected through structured questionnaire using interview method. Data collected was analysed using SPSS17 revealed the underlying factors like perceived benefits, perceived usefulness & perceived ease of handling, affects the adoption of 4G technology in Rwanda consumers.


4G technology; Convenience; Service Quality; Perceived Value; TAM

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