Vol 14, No 2 (2015)


Table of Contents


Ecological Status of Hot Springs in Eastern Amhara Region: Macroinvertebrates Diversity PDF
Sisay Derso, Abebe Beyene, Melaku Getachew, Argaw Ambelu 1-22
Multi-drug Resistant Bacterial Isolates Associated with Blood Stream Infection PDF
Pratikshya Poudel, Prabin Poudel, Nabaraj Adhikari, Pradeep Kumar Shah 23-52
Comparison from Accuracy Time between Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) of Matlab & Iterative Resolution with Gauss Seidal to Detect the Lesion PDF
Kaouther El Kourd, A. Naoul, A. MAlki 53-64
Study of the Variation of Resistivity, Permeability and Curie Temperature of Rare Earth Metal lanthanum (la) Substitution on Ni0.60Zn0.40-xLax Fe2O4(x=0.05, 0.10, 0.15) Ferrites. PDF
M. A. Hossain, M. N. I. Khan, S. S. Sikder 72-79
A Comparative Study on the Level of Depression between Older Women Living in Retirement Homes in the City of Tirana and Those Living with Their Families in Tirana As Well PDF
Lorenc Barjami 80-90
Effect of High Pressure Processing on Sensory and Physical Attributes of Malaysian Shrimps and Mud Crabs PDF
Wael Mohamed Elamin, Johari Endan, Yus-Aniza Yusof, Rosnah Shamsudin, Anvarjon Ahmedov 91-96
Contribution to the Study of the Size Structure, the Length-Weight Relationship, the Condition Factor and the Sex-ration of Shrimp Farfantepenaeus notialis (Pérez Farfante, 1967) in the Estuary of Sine-Saloum (Senegal) PDF
Alioune FAYE, Alassane SARR, Malick DIOUF, Modou Thiaw, Jean FALL, Ismaïla NDIAYE, Kamarel BA, Najih LAZAR 97-112
Landscape Elements as Determinants of Pedestrian Movement in Urban Public Spaces: the Case of Dodoma, Tanzania PDF
John Modestus Lupala 113-128
Teacher Factors Influencing Effective Implementation of Artisan and Craft Curriculum in Community Colleges in Kenya PDF
Peter Changilwa Kigwilu, Joyce Kabui Githinji 129-143
Mechanical Properties of Acorn and Pine Cone Filled Polymer Composites PDF
Bahar Baştürk, Kürşat Kanbur, İlker Polatoğluc, Yılmaz Yürekli 144-153
Benefits of Increased Collaboration between External Stakeholders and Federal Health Care Institutions: an Evidence-Based Approach PDF
Geoffrey Obel 154-157
Moment Resistant Frames vs. Braced Frames -Steel Consumption Assessment and Structural Analysis Parameters PDF
Salman Mashhadifarahani 158-165
Communication Infraestructure Innovation for Internet Viral Connectivity with Power Carrier Line and Automatic Position Radio System PDF
William Ernesto Camilo, Luis Joyanes Aguilar, Lillyana Giraldo Marin, Javier Bustamante 166-177
Lack of Motivation among Radiology Technologists to Conduct Clinical Research at KFSH&RC PDF
Kholoud Abdulaziz Bin Haikel 178-186
A Study on Consumer Perception towards Adoption of 4G Mobile Technologies in Rwanda PDF
Nshakabatenda Ramadhani, Prashant Kalaskar, Vaishali Satpute 187-197
Hydrogeological Characteristics and Groundwater Quality Analysis for Selected Boreholes in Ogbaru Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria. PDF
obi ekenta, Okoro B.U, Ezeabasili A. C. C. 198-210
MAM14 Immunotherapy New Modality Treat Autoimmune Disorder PDF
Saleh ALharbi, Ali Alharbi 211-218
ITS and Traffic Control System of Munich: Technical Measures and Benefits PDF
Mohammad Akrma Ali, Asim Farooq 219-232
Advanced Electrochemical Technologies in Wastewater Treatment Part I: Electrocoagulation PDF
Irena Ljubomir Mickova 233-257
The Effect of Water Deprivation on Blood Constituents of the Dromedary Camel (Camelus dromedarius) PDF
Rania Eltayeb, Hisham Osman, Elsiddig Babiker 258-264
How Fractional Charge on an Electron in the Momentum Space is Quantized? PDF
Saleem Iqbal, Farhana Sarwar, Syed Mohsin Raza, Abdul Rehman 265-272
Advanced Electrochemical Technologies in Wastewater Treatment. Part II: Electro-Flocculation and Electro-Flotation PDF
Irena Ljubomir Mickova 273-294
Considerations on the Impact Factor as a Tool in Scientific Assessment PDF
Katia Denise BrescianiI, José Antonio Soares, Jorge Ramos, Tomás Patrocinio, Lucas Shigaki Vinicius, Maria Luisa Machado 295-303
Comparison between ANN, Regression and Genetic in Turning Process PDF
Ahmed Samy Elakkad, Omar Koura 304-310
Identification of Radiometric and Mineragraphy Analysis of Uranium and Sulfide Mineral at BM-179 Kalan-West Kalimantan Uranium Ore PDF
Rachmat Sahputra 311-321
Fibre Characterisation of Gerdenia Ternifolia (Linn C.) Schumach for its Pulping Potential PDF
Akpan S. Noah, Mercy B. Ogunleye, Julius K. Abiola, Florence N. Nnate 322-332