Vol 17, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Relationship of Hospital Factors and Individual Behavior Prevention of The Injury Needle Stick Against Nurse in Treatment Room of General Hospital of Jombang District PDF
Hafis Makayaino, Denny Ardyanto W, M. Bagus Qomaruddin 1-14
Evaluation of the Implementation Fire Emergency Response in Hospital of Jombang District PDF
Suardi Zurimi, Denny Ardyanto W, Ririh Yudhastuti 15-33
Superheated Steam Temperature Control using Fuzzy Logic Controller PDF
Hozifa Bushra, Osman Fadul-Elmoula, Yaser Hamad-Elneel Ibrahim, Eltaher Mohamed Hussein, Dalia Mahmoud 34-41
Change Detection Techniques using Optical Remote Sensing: A Survey PDF
Nafisa Mohamed, Babikir Mobarak 42-51
Eutectic Mixture of Myristyl Alcohol - Eicosane and the Thermal Reliability of this Binary System as Phase Change Material PDF
Rabab Jarrar, Ghassan Qabaja, Reyad Sawafta 52-60
Design and Fabrication of a Three-Hopper Plantain Slicing Machine PDF
Tawakalitu Bola Onifade 61-80
Experimental Determination of the Effect of Number of Impeller Blades on the Air Flow Rate and Power Consumption of Centrifugal Blowers PDF
Tito Mwinuka 81-88
A Note on Bounded Solutions of a Generalized Lienard Type System PDF
Juan E. Nápoles Valdes, Luciano M. Lugo Motta Bittencurt 89-94
Voice Recognition for English Language Pattern Recognition Approach PDF
Asad Ullah, Lu Xuan Min 95-104
Evaluation of Classroom Physical Adjustments for Inclusion of Pupils with Physical Disability within Inclusive Public Primary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya PDF
Hesborn M. Chonge, Prof. Edward K. Ongeti, Tom M. Wawire 105-120
Allelopathic Effects on Seeds Germination of Lactuca Sativa L. Seeds and Antibacterial Activity of Thymus Capitatus Essential Oil from Zintan-Libya flora PDF
Abdulhmid Giweli, Alramah Said, Thuria Aoun, Nawal Elhaji 121-131
Fp-Projective and Fp-Cotorsion Modules PDF
Shhaied Riad 132-143
Detection of Plasmodium Parasites from Images of Thin Blood Smears using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Dalia Mahmoud Adam, Abdalla Eltoum Ali 144-149
Constructional Design for Decontamination of Sputum Specimens for Tuberculosis Culture PDF
Dalia Mahmoud Adam Mahmoud, Tarig Mohamed Saad Alnour 150-154
A Static Solution to Einstein’s Field Equations for a Spherical Distribution of Electrically Counterpoised Dust PDF
Sashinka Wimaladharma, Nalin de Silva 155-164
Quality Testing and Antimicrobial Activity of Norfloxacin in Pakistan PDF
Nausheen Bibi, Irfan Ullah, Mazhar Ali, Anita Mughal, Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Ihtesham, Iqbal Nisa, Nusrat Yasin, Samina Jehan, Arshad Javaid, Qurban Ali 165-171
Success Factors That Influence Agile Software Development Project Success PDF
Dan, Ph.D Schilling Nguyen 172-222
Feasibility Study of a Wearable Haptic knob System PDF
Junji Sone, Yuta Tamura, Shougo Ueda, Hideki Iwai, Kinya Fujitz 223-233
An Architecture for Big Data Analysis in the Context of Social Media: The Case of Twitter PDF
Belesti Melesse Asress, Tibebe (PhD) Beshah 234-244
Comprehensive Analysis of Existing Infrastructure Conditions Correlating Ship-Breaking Activities and its Implications on Workers and Community a Case Study of Gaddani Town and Ship-Breaking Industry, Baluchistan, Pakistan PDF
Ahmed Ali Memon, Muhammad Zarar 245-257
Conflict among User Groups as Cause for Communal Grazing Land Degradation: The Case of Tahtay Maychew Woreda, Tigray PDF
Rishan Haile 258-271
Stochastic Model for Rainfall Occurrence Using Markov Chain Model in Kurdufan State, Sudan PDF
Rahmtalla Yousif Adam 272-286
Automation of Risk Management in The Social Security Sector in Tanzania PDF
Job Asheri Chaula 287-306
Customer Complaints Management Practices on Service Performance of the Public Sector in Ghana. The Case of Ghana Water Company Limited. PDF
Samuel Afriyie, Prince Donkor, Wilson Kwaku Nimsah, Benjamin Adjei Danquah 307-317
Years of Work Experience, an Important Predictor of Burnout in Special Education. PDF
Senada Duli 318-322
Workplace Factors that Shape Agile Software Development Team Project Success PDF
Dan Schilling Nguyen 323-391