Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

Volume 5, Issue 1: (JULY - 2013), (AUGUST - 2013), (SEPTEMBER - 2013)

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Table of Contents


Childhood Diarrheal Diseases and Associated Factors in the Rural Community of Dejen District, Northwest Ethiopia PDF
Demeke Getu, Molla Gedefaw, Nurilign Abebe 1-13
Ethics in African Education and Governance PDF
Umar Kabanda 14-22
Engineering geological and geotechnical appraisal of Northern Mekelle town, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia PDF
Ephrem Getahun Gure, Kifle Weldearegay, Gebremedihin Birhane 23-56
Students Difficulties of Solving Inequalities in Calculus PDF
Dejene Girma Denbel 57-62
Hip Fracture Treatment and Management: Types, Causes and Symptoms PDF
Feras Fares
Data Integrity testing In Heterogeneous Systems PDF
Pinar pashak, Metien guel
Neural Networks for Eye Tracking PDF
Ron Ye, Jing Ma, Yu-Jen Chen
A Novel Approach for Online Handwriting Recognition with angle readjustment of French Characters PDF
Édouard Sanchez
competition in the food retail sector in india PDF
Erik Feldens
Gradient-based edge detection algorithm PDF
Kate Brown, Jasmine Matthew, Olivia Martin
Municipal Solid Waste Management in Amman City, Jordan PDF
Maria Naser
The Factors Affecting The Performance Of The Organic Food Industry PDF
Ram Torrent
Organizational Intrusion Detection Policy Requirements PDF
Sudha Monica
Improving Intrusion Detection Effectiveness Using Correlation Feature Selection PDF
San Kumar
The Impact of Personal Digital Assistant Devices on Medication Safety in Hospitals PDF
Rocha Carneiro, Asawa Agarwal
New Fully Automatic Fast Registration Method for 2D Computed Tomography Images PDF
Becky Baumgartner, Mellony Johann
A Unique Batch Authentication Protocol for sensor network Communications PDF
Suneeta Watson
An Improved Ad hoc Routing Protocol Based on Mobility Prediction for City Environments PDF
Otis Riggle
Carbon Xerogel Catalyst For NO Oxidation PDF
Luciana Rodrigues, Marjan Laali
Challenges, Opportunities, and Trends in Solid Waste Management PDF
Ozgur Osborn
Climate Change Impact On Electricity Markets PDF
Susanna Cohen, Klaus Dethloff
A Multilayer Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Framework for Collaborative Data Sharing over the Internet PDF
Mendez Reyes
The Profitability of Dimension Stone Deposits In Austria PDF
Pan Osborn
The Level of Usage of Computer and The Internet by Teenage Girls in Australia PDF
Julia Weiss
An Efficient Classification Tree Technique for emergency room data PDF
Supriya Chak
speed control of induction motor using microcontroller PDF
Austin Moore, Jordan Martin, Kevin Rodriguez
cash flow management policies and procedures implementation in small firms PDF
Rosendo Reith
new neuro fuzzy model for stock market prediction PDF
Jacques Feldens Feldens
Measuring The Effect Of Website On Customer Satisfaction In Iraq PDF
Mehdi Karimi
A New multi-target tracking Method by continuous energy minimization PDF
Elsa Park, Callie Sidower
analysis techniques for racecar data acquisition: a review PDF
Luke Watson, Chelsea Bennett, Jose Long
bandwidth recycling method in ieee 802.16 networks PDF
Koladiya Vaghela, Charde Bhargavi
design of very small microstrip antenna for communication with medical implants PDF
Burma Mikus, Elia Stambaugh, Charolette Danziger, Rafael Arocho