DevSecOps Services: A Study of the Most Common and Rarest DevSecOps Services Available in 2022


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DevSecOps Services, DevSecOps


DevSecOps is an evolving set of practices within the prevalent DevOps paradigm that aims to include security at every stage of the development cycle. In order to understand how it has matured since its inception, we looked at a sample of 25 companies offering DevSecOps services to identify which services were most common and rarest. Multiple trends were identified, including a heavy lean towards DevSecOps services towards consultation and organizational adaptation. We also identified compliance to be a focus of many DevSecOps services. DevSecOps consultation and DevSecOps as a Service (DaaS) were identified as two of the most commonly available services in 2022, and isolation, SRE, SIEM, and orchestration were the rarest. Future studies on this subject might reveal different trends in the evolution of DevSecOps services, assuming DevSecOps hasn't been replaced by a more advanced paradigm.


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