Isolation and Sunscreen Activity Test of Cinnamon Oil from Flores Island, Indonesia


  • I Gusti Made Ngurah Budiana Departmen of Chemistry, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, University of Nusa Cendana, Jalan Adisucipto Penfui Kupang, 85001, Indonesia


Isolation, sunscreen, activity, essential oil, characterization and Cinamommun burmannii


Essential oils have various functions in both the perfume and pharmaceutical industries. Researchers in the world until now continue to conduct research to find new sources of essential oils. In line with essential oil research, research on the discovery of new organic sunscreens is still being carried out to antisipated increasing cases of skin cancer. In this study, the isolation and sunscreen activity test of essential oils from the Cinamommun burmannii was carried out. The research was conducted in four stages i.e ; (1) Sample preparation of Cinamommun burmannii, (2) isolation of essential oil using steam distillation method, (3) characterization of chemical compounds in oil using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method and sunscreen activity test was carried out by ultraviolet spectroscopy method. The results of the isolation of cinnamon oil from Flores island showed that the oil produced was obtained as a clear yellow, with oil content in cinnamon bark is 5.44%. The results of the characterization using gas chromatography-mass spectrometer showed that the cinnamon  oil contain five main components, i.e cinnamaldehyde, 3-phenyl acetate, methyl salicylate and linalool with successive abundances; 80.85%, 6.32%, 2.41% and 1.92%. Sunscreen activity test showed that cinnamon oil from Flores islands had ultra protection (SPF= 25.0) at a concentration of 10%. Cinnamon oil from Flores Island can be used as an igredient in sunscreen lotion.


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