Corpoworld: An Imaginative Essay to Address One of the Great Problems of Our Time


  • Raúl Norberto Tomé S&T Servicio y Tecnología S.A., Bernardo de Irigoyen 722, 9th floor, Buenos Aires 1072, Argentina


External Stakeholders, Externalities, Corporate Governance, Corporate Responsibility, Business and Economics, Regulated Capitalism


Liberalism [ ] has exhausted - or is exhausting- its ability to rally the majorities around its promise of value. The undersigned does not identify an alternative model with enough attractiveness. So, he understands it would be valuable to seek ways to reform it and a mechanism that can ensure a transition - from its current condition to a superior one - as short and amicable as possible. The work that follows describes a reformist proposal for regulated capitalism, which avoiding altering its main foundations could correct the negative externalities [ ] that it in practice spills over society. And it exposes in an addendum a representative formal milestone of the proposed approach.


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