A Study on the Factors Affecting Postoperative Vomiting in Children Who Undergo Operations of Chelio and Palatoscysis Defects


  • Lindita Agolli Department of Kinesiology , Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Sports University of Tirana
  • Genta Nallbani Department of Kinesiology , Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Sports University of Tirana


chelio-palatoscysis, PNOV, pediatrics


Postoperative nausea and vomiting (PNOV) is common and distressing problem after chelio-palatoscysis surgery associated with which also delay discharge from hospital. While gender, motion sickness, previous history of PONV, and the surgery itself remained as risk factors also drugs used for general anesthesia. Postoperative analgesia and antiemetic may affect the incidence of PNOV. Here we present the related factors as: age, sex, agitation operation, and time of operation. Materials and methods : We have studied 108 patients from 9month to 36munths  ASA status I-II .We have study the incidence of PNOV on related factors as ASA, age, sex, weight, anesthesia and time of operation. The PNOV is observed on 24 hours after op. Results were expressed as mean ± standard deviation median. Comparisons of numerical variables between groups were done by employing t test for independent samples. It is considered significant p<0.10. Results:  The results shows that there is no any significance on sex, weight, ASA, anesthesia.  But there is significance on time of operation. (p < 0.10 ). The mean standard for ASA is 0.18, time 60.09, age 11.3munth, weight 5.13, anest. 0.45, PNOV 0.12. The confidence R2 means that there are other factors which interfere on the incidence of PNOV. Conclusions: The increased incidence of PNOV on time of the operation ask from the anesthesiologist to consider seriously to administer antiemetic, cortisone and analgesic drug during the operations of chelio - palatoscysis surgery. The collaboration between surgeon and anesthesiologist for applying local anesthesia and cortisone in the end of the surgery will be helpful on pain controlling affecting the on lowing of  the incidence of PNOV.


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