Impact of Plasmodial Parasitaemia on the Quality of Erythrocyte Concentrates Distributed at the Blood Transfusion Center of the Regional Hospital of Bafoussam-Cameroon

  • Symphorien Ewodo Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Dschang; National Center for Blood Transfusion Yaounde
  • Jeannette Yondo Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Dschang.
  • Audrey Divine Kianpi Sonhafouo Dschang district hospital, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Dschang, d) Douala General Hospital, Higher institute of medical technologies of Yaoundé.
  • Clémence Olemba Douala General Hospital, Higher institute of medical technologies of Yaoundé.
  • Nadine sylvie Ongbayokolak Dschang district hospital, Department of Biochemistry,Faculty of Sciences, Biochemistry research unit of medicinal plants, Food Science and Nutrition. University of Dschang, P.O. Box 67, Dschang, Cameroon,
  • Michel Nouboum Dschang district hospital, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Dschang,
  • Eveline Ngouadjeu Dongho Douala General Hospital, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Douala.
Keywords: Bafoussam blood transfusion center, erythrocyte concentrate, plasmodial parasitaemia, quality


Background: Blood transfusion is a potential route for transmission of Plasmodium, which lives mainly in erythrocytes and can survive low temperatures. Therefore, this study was undertaken in order to determine the plasmodial  parasitaemia in labile blood products for the evaluation of the quality of erythrocyte concentrates (EC) distributed at the Blood Transfusion Center of the Bafoussam Regional Hospital. Material and methods: This was an analytical cross-sectional study carried out between March 15 and May 31, 2021 on 101 EC. The data collection was done on one hand by using a questionnaire and the technical sheet for the evaluation of the quality of the EC compared to the Cameroonian reference and on the other hand, by the analysis of the blood taken from the donors. This analysis was made through the examinations of RDT malaria, Thick blood smear, Thin blood smear, measurement of the hemoglobin level thanks to the HemoCue and hemogram using the Urit 3000 automaton. Data analysis was done using Epi info and SPSS software. Results: The prevalence of malaria among donors of the Bafoussam Regional Hospital Blood Bank was 4.41%. By considering the three parameters simultaneously, a compliance rate of 34.65% was obtained. A positive, although non-significant, correlation was established between plasmodial parasitaemia and EC quality. Conclusion: The importance of quality control of ECs is essential, sofar as the parasitaemia of plasmodial is not negligible with one bag of erythrocyte concentrate out of three non-compliant.


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