Preparation and Characterization of Barium Titanate Nano Particles Using Solution Combustion


  • Aliaa A. Razzak Chemistry Division, Applied Science Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Ira.
  • Mahmood M. Barbooti Chemistry Division, Applied Science Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Ira
  • Abeer Abdul Razak Mohammed Collage of Science ,Dpartment of chemistry , Mustansiriryah University


Ferroelectric materials are gaining increased importance as a result of their high dielectric constants making them useful for electrical capacitors, high piezoelectric constants to make sensors, actuators, RF Filters, ferroelectric hysteresis suit making non-volatile memories, high pyroelectric properties for infra-red detectors, thermistors, and strong electro-optic effects to be used in optical switches, data storage, etc. Barium titanate undergoes change in shape from perovskite into cubic structure Curie temperature which causes polarization, or spontaneous, polarization. Many techniques were described for the synthesis of Barium titanate including solid-state reaction, sol-gel method, hydrothermal and solution combustion. Solution combustion. The last method offers good control of the properties to meet specific requirements of the products and allows the preparation of nanomaterials  to suit energy saving and protection of environment made it attractive for many purposes. In the present work barium titanate is synthesized as submicro to nano sized particles using the solution combustion technique utilizing urea and glycerin as fuel / oxidant mixture. The experimental parameters were varied to suit the optimization of the process.


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