Digital Garden System Using Arduino

  • Roderick Tingzon Cotabato Foundation College of Science and Technology Instructor, Doroluman, Arakan, North Cotabato 9417, Philippines
  • Meljohn Aborde University of Mindanao Professor, Matina, Davao City 8000, Philippines
Keywords: Monitoring Application, Digital G¬arden, Philippines


Gardening can help with unfavorable weather conditions to provide a sustainable food crop without struggling with the planting season and being pest-free. Creating an artificial atmosphere that can stabilize plant-like lettuce and strawberry is somewhat tricky; however, developing a closed cubicle with an artificial environment consisting of LED grow light, compressor, air pump, and humidifier solve the problem. The device used an Arduino microcontroller to control the growth of Lettuce and Strawberry using the Hydroponics technique. The temperature sensor is used in this device to activate the cooling system of the project. The study focuses on developing the online monitoring application of the garden that displays Humidity, Temperature using a DHT sensor, adjust the light intensity inside the garden using AC light dimmer, and display local video streaming through RTSP connection. Moreover, the wifi module is used in the project to transmit and receive data over the internet. Furthermore, the digital garden system also has its web-based monitoring application made up of PHP, HTML, and SQL to store and filter data from the DHT sensor. Based on the various tests conducted, the digital garden system has successfully produced a stable environment that successfully grows healthy lettuce and strawberry.


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