Calculating Environmental Design Loads for Floating Wind Turbine


  • Dr. Mohamed Almheriegh Associate Professor, Department of civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering - Tripoli University, P O Box 82677, Tripoli, Libya


explicit finite element analysis, environmental design loads, load formulation for floating turbine


Analysis of complicated structures usually requires; choice of the commercial software as well as good formulation of elements, and loads. The LS-DYNA3D explicit finite element dynamic analysis programme is believed to be good in performing structural analysis of a floating wind turbine and in simulating a full-scale model typical for moderate deep waters. The intended model for which loads are discussed is a middle size power rated floating 3 blades wind turbine elevated at about 50 m above main sea level a top a tripod lattice steel tower firmly resting on a moored floating concrete hull buoy, positioned on a concrete circular disk. The model is intended for use in moderately deep waters of up to 500m. The knowledge of floating offshore wind structures and important features of the LS-DYNA3D code are briefly revised. The theoretical basics for service loads experienced by the floating wind turbine are explored and the environmental loads are quantified and ready for use in the analysis.

Author Biography

Dr. Mohamed Almheriegh, Associate Professor, Department of civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering - Tripoli University, P O Box 82677, Tripoli, Libya

associate professor


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