Scaling Up Manufacturing of Edible Coatings for Food


  • Sanaa M. Ali Food Technology Research Institute, Agriculture research center, Egypt
  • Manal A. Sorour Food Technology Research Institute, Agriculture research center, Egypt
  • Magdy A. Wassel Faculty of Science, Chemistry Dept., Al-Azhar University
  • M. I. Ayad Faculty of Science, chemistry Dept., Monofia University


Scale-up, Mixing process, Economic pipe diameter, Rheology, Edible coating


One of the most important methods for prolonging the shelf life of fruits and vegetables is edible coatings. The manufacture of the edible coating was tested in the laboratory before being scaled up to the industrial scale which is a procedure for applying, which applies the same process to different output volumes. One of the most crucial processes in the manufacturing of edible coatings is mixing. The equipment needed to scale up the production of edible solutions for food coating was also assessed. The results of the measurements revealed that scaling up mixing is based upon constant power/volume, equal blend duration, and adjusting the impeller/tank (D/T) diameter ratio was possible. A four-blade impeller was utilized to homogenize 1% carrageenan solutions at 70°C. Also, mixing parameters (Power number, Blend number, and Pumping number) were determined at different D/T ratios. Cost-effective pipe diameter and optimum pipe diameter per unit length were also determined.


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