Currency Risk: Possibility of Its Evaluation and Hedging in Modern Conditions

  • Assylkhan Tumanov School of Sciences, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, 310023, Hangzhou, China
  • Wei Wang School of Sciences, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, 310023, Hangzhou, China
Keywords: risk management, currency risk assessment, currency risk management, transactional currency risks, translational currency risks, operational currency risks, currency risk in real estate transactions, value at risk, hedging of foreign exchange risks, derivative financial instruments


The purpose of this article is to show the importance of accounting the impact of all types of currency risk on activities companies. This topic has acquired particular relevance in view of the developing global financial crisis, influencing the exposure of organizations currency risk, and increasing the attention of its agents hedging. The article describes methods for assessing currency risk and methods for reducing it using derivatives market instruments and non-financial strategies and highlights the features of investment in the international the real estate market.


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