UV Spectrophotometric Determination of Luliconazole Semisolid Dosage Form


  • Sumitra Shrestha M.Pharm (Clinical pharmacy) Pokhara University, Assistant Quality Assurance Manager, Divine Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Bharatpur-16
  • Sonu Pakhrin M.Pharm (Clinical pharmacy) Pokhara University, Quality Control Officer Divine Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Bharatpur-16
  • Sangit Maharjan B.Pharm Shree medical & Technical College, Production Officer Divine Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Bharatpur-16
  • Ranjana GC B.Pharm, Lttile Buddha College of Health Science, Assistant Quality Control Manager, Divine healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Bharatpur-16, Nepal
  • Sagarananda Giri M.Pharm (Clinical pharmacy) Pokhara University, Pokhara Kaski, Nepal
  • Naresh Thapa B.Pharm Dhaka University Bahgladesh, Manager Quality Assurance, Divine Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Bharatpur-16
  • Dr. Jeevan Raj Shrestha B.SC Microbiology (Tribhuvan University), MBBS (Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara), Kathmandu University, Medical Officer Barhabise Primary Health Centre, Barhabise-9


UV Spectrophotometry, Luliconazole


Luliconazole mostly prescribed drug for the management of superficial problems, the very simple, Fast, accurate and economical methods have been proposed for the determination of Luliconazole cream. Luliconazole  was measured by using Uv spectroscopy method with the solution of mrthanol and purified water the linearity was found to be 0.9987 and the accuracy showed mean % RSD of 0.921776 and with total meam % RSD 1.10130 in intermediate precision, robustness %RSD 0.543539 all the paranmeters values were within standard limit thus Analytical method was validated according to ICH guideline for the determination of Luliconazole cream. The method was found to be precise and validated as per ICH guidelines.


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