Adaptive Image Watermarking based on K-NN Clustering

  • Hassan Ouahi bLaboratory Computing Systems & Vision LabSiv Faculty of Science Ibn Zohr Agadir,Morocco
  • Abdenbi Mazoul bLaboratory Computing Systems & Vision LabSiv Faculty of Science Ibn Zohr Agadir,Morocco
Keywords: Image Watermarking, Discrete Cosine Transform, KNN Clustering


The key challenge faced by researchers is the rise in the use of social media communication to prove ownership rights  to  multimedia  material  such  as  video,  audio,  text,  graphics,  etc.  Watermarking  is  the  method  of multimedia concealment of digital content that can be used later to prove ownership credentials. The researchers in this field contribute a lot of work, but there is still a need for more robust methods. In this paper, we use the KNN clustering method to find the features in the image, which are then used to embed the content of the watermark.  Later,  the  KNN  clustering  approach  is  again  used  for  watermark  extraction  to  classify  the characteristics where the watermark is embedded and extraction is performed from those characteristics.


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